Pokémon Go: Research Breakthrough in March with 8 Pokémon, Is That Too Much?

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Pokémon Go: Research Breakthrough in March with 8 Pokémon, Is That Too Much?

The research breakthrough of field research gives in Pokémon GO in March 2019 the chance to 8 different, legendary encounters. We show you which ones that are.

What’s new? Niantic already shared with some selected partners the information, which encounters may arise from the research breakthroughs in the months of March and April. In total, this is again 8 possible Pokémon.

Which Pokémon can appear? Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Regice, Registeel, and Regirock.

What rewards have been available so far? For the research breakthroughs in January and February 2019, you were able to meet Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Arktos, Zapdos, and Lavados. So the legendary birds exchanged for the Regi-trio.

Keep in mind that the new rewards will be available after 10:00 pm on March 1st. So wait a few minutes longer than 10 pm if you want one of the new rewards.

What do the players say about the change?

In social networks, the news quickly made the rounds.

Breakthroughs were so: in the early months of field research, there was a steady monthly Pokémon as a breakthrough in research. So you knew exactly what reward there is if you have a breakthrough.

This is different now: Now there is a large selection of Pokémon that happens to be a reward. With this coincidence, coaches have a problem.

Reddit user ididnothing23 writes: “I would agree if there were not the legendary beasts [Entei, Suicune, Raikou]. How many suicunes does Niantic want to give me? “

Tonyharrison84 answers: “Yes, right? The beasts all had their own reward month and are still there since December. We do not need them. “

Another player explains that he caught 8 Suicune in a row in the breakthrough.

Many players have no desire to make this encounter dependent on chance. “I’m really not a fan of this random lottery system,” they say. Others say, “The coincidence is not so important to me, but the selection should be reduced.” One wishes only 4 instead of 8 possible encounters.

There are also fewer critical voices: Some players are happy to get the chance to get certain Pokémon again.

  • “I do not have the regis yet, so that’s something.”
  • “I would prefer to have only the regis to choose from instead of 8 legends.”
  • “I really hoped for the Regis alone. Let’s see how chance plays like that “

It becomes clear that many players would be happy about the variety of research breakthroughs. But the current random system needs more work, so that more players like it.

The selection with 8 Pokémon is considered by many to be too big. You also want an artificial barrier so you do not always get the same Pokémon as a reward.

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