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Apex Legends Was Leaked A Year Ago – But Nobody Was Interested

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Was Leaked A Year Ago – But Nobody Was Interested

A Reddit user has already early last year the map to Apex Legends found. But nobody really believed him and the post was forgotten. Until now!

As soon as a leak appears on the internet, it is discussed hotly. If one can justify his discoveries well, the readers also often believe that. If it then goes through the news, the leak is complete. Sometimes that’s wanted, but often just a push in the hearts of developers and publishers, as they have a revelation planned for later.

Apex Legends: The developers tell the story behind the shooter.

That the world learns of his find was probably also the desire of the reddit user hiticonic when posting a map. Unfortunately, no one believed him and his posting disappeared in the sinking. About eleven months ago, he discovered the map to today’s Apex Legends. Since the game title did not officially exist last year, the player assumed that it is a Titanfall Battle Royale map.

Today we know that he was right. That is, almost. In the comments under the Threat hailed at that time a lot of negative opinions on Battle Royale mode in the Titanfall universe.

Somehow amusing, how the mood changed almost a year later, right? Now Apex Legends is on everyone’s lips and has been played by more than 24 million people. Madness!
Online, there are now discussions about whether perhaps was even a scheduled Leak of developers. As a small teaser, so to speak. But if that was actually scripted, it is not produced at that time probably the desired effect. Apex Legends has still managed, polka dots with a surprise release from the fans of titanium case and Battle Royale games.
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