Fortnite: That’s Why Pros Are Just Not Happy About Season 8


Fortnite: That’s Why Pros Are Just Not Happy About Season 8

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, some pros are just mad at developer Epic. The reason is a thing that should really be a thing of the past.

What is the reason for the anger of the pros? Although the 8th season of Fortnite has not brought as extreme changes as a larger map and aircraft, at least a quarter of the map neatly remodeled.

In the northwest are now a volcano, a new lagoon and a city with stepped pyramids. The golf course Lazy Links and the Containerhof have disappeared.

Thus, the developers have discarded the tactics of some pro-gamers in one fell swoop, which landed especially in these places. And this is just before the start of a big eSport tournament.

Epic breaks good intentions

Who is affected? The big tournament is the ESL Katowice Royale in Poland, which takes place from 1 to 3 March 2019. It’s about a lot of money and that’s why the pros are well prepared. Including Poach of Team Liquid. He liked to land at the containers, which are now gone.

“I’m in a 3-day tournament with $ 500k and I’m ready. Oh, wait, my favorite landing place has just been removed! “

Epic really did not want to do that anymore: making a big change to the map in less than 24 hours before a big tournament is not a good thing for the pros. You barely have time to adapt to the new map and new gameplay elements such as the geysers and cannons.

Already in the past, the developers have caused so much annoyance, especially by releasing zombies to the pros or a tournament with the newly introduced sword was quite absurd.

Since such changes angered the pros, Epic had actually vowed not to bring such drastic changes to big tournaments. That was probably not possible at the start of Season 8. The pros now have their way and vent their anger on Twitter.

But some also consider it with humor and advise gambling the pirate MMO Sea of ​​Thieves instead as a workout. After all, be prepared for the pirates and the guns.

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