From The Vault Preview: Brew And Distill

Fallout 76

From The Vault Preview: Brew And Distill

This March, players from ‘Fallout 76’ can look forward to the next major update, which will once again revise the brewing and distilling feature. A preview is already available today.

Bethesda writes:

“Your way to becoming the best bartender in the Wasteland begins near Vault-Tec University. Here you will relive the glory days of the VTU elite and discover the mischief that has driven the students outside the lecture halls. Finally, you end up in a notorious whisper bar and meet Al, Appalachia’s drunken robot, who tells you how to make the extremely illegal Nukashine with the brand-new brewing nation. “

Beers, wines, spirits, as well as mixed drinks, which have special effects on top of that, are among the possible brewing drinks, for example:

  • Slammin` Whiskey
    • Freshness Effect:  Your melee attacks cause you to ignite yourself and damage you and your attacker.
    • Vintage Effect:  In addition to the Freshness effect, enemies fire through your firearms and melee attacks.
  • beers
    • Freshness Effect:  Improves stability when using riflescopes and increases damage to animals. Reduces the precision in the VATS
  • mixed drinks
    • Effect:  Your successful melee attacks have a chance to infect you with an illness, but can also fill your hunger bar.

If you’ve got the taste, there are two repeatable and random quests to choose from. In the first quest, you’ll learn new recipes as you complete, while the second quest will test your taste buds and test the questionable effects of a variety of drinks. Bottom up!

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