Is Anthem A Better Game After The Loot Patch?


Is Anthem A Better Game After The Loot Patch?

Too little loot, too much effort and pointless perks on the loot – the loot system of Anthem was harshly criticized. Now the loot patch is live, which should make everything better.

 But did it really help?

MyMMO author Robert is doing the test. I’ve been in Anthem’s Endgame for a few hours now. That means Complete legendary assignments. World events in the free game farming fortresses this, of course. With the goal of getting better gear and getting stronger to master the higher levels of difficulty. However, players quickly discovered stumbling blocks.

What was the problem with the loot? Although there are guaranteed masterly items (second best rarity value level) after the completion of certain activities. These were virtually useless in case of doubt, as the properties on it did not match the found item.

That sometimes took adventurous traits:

Pistols with more ammunition for grenade launchers (the Colossus can use grenade launchers, but no pistols). Elemental abilities with physical damage bonuses. These were just two examples, in fact, the problem with the loot system was even deeper. Even at the maximum level, players still have to deal with the loot of inferior quality (white and green gear).

For the bad features of the equipment, the game does not provide enough good stuff. Which in turn leads to that the time-consuming activities are not worth the return for these reasons. The players have sought ways and means to shorten the Endgame Grind. Which of course is not the point of the matter.

How did Anthem solve the loot problem?

In the recently released hotfix (server side, players did not have to download an update) several issues were addressed. The properties should now match the object that was found crafting costs for masterful items have been reduced. Actually, the inferior loot should be removed from activities from level 30. But this functionality has not made it in the hotfix. Is Anthem a better game now? Yes, definitely.

Will that is enough, in the long run, to keep players happy? No. Granted, the gear I’ve got since the change is consistently better than anything the game has thrown at me before. This has meant that I have become significantly stronger and now can play relatively easily on Grandmaster 1. For me personally, the changes do not go far enough.

However, this has less to do with the loot per se

Not the loot is the problem, but the effort: Who has already played all three fortresses available, it will have noticed. Especially the last boss in the heart of the anger gives the word ball sponge a whole new meaning. My first (and only) trip to this fortress took more than an hour. The team I subsequently won completely different from the one I started with.

The whole elevation was the game exactly a masterful item value, which I could disassemble directly again. And that’s exactly where the problem is. The tyrant’s Mine Fortress can easily be tackled in 20 minutes. But provides the same yield as the Heart of Anger. The daily legendary orders and world events in the context of free play can be mastered even faster. While I can now appreciate the quality of the prey after the patch more. This is not the case for the effort.

What are the consequences of this “revenue imbalance”?

Players will tend to play exactly the activity that offers the best loot/time correlation. As a result, the game is drab, the players jump off at some point. Some players also report that the two highest levels of difficulty. Which bring only slightly more loot and therefore little incentive to try them at all.

Still holds me the terrific gameplay and the beautiful game world at the bar. I’m just up for fighting and fighting with my storm for fear and terror. But how long will that alone be enough? In order for me to stick with it over the long term, BioWare urgently needs to bring new activities and, above all, align the yield of existing activities with the respective effort.

This is especially true for the toughest opponents in the game. When I flatten a fat, legendary, archaic Zinder-Titan, I do not want to be fed off with a white and a green item!

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