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Magic The Gathering: What Are Modern Horizons?

Modern Horizons

Magic The Gathering: What Are Modern Horizons?

In 2019, the modern format should be breathed new life. Following the discontinuation of the master sets, Wizards of the Coast has now unveiled Modern Horizons – a complete set that simply skips the standard format.

Modern players have lost out in the last six months and were worried about the future of their favorite format. So not only MTG Arena focused the general attention on standard strongly, moreover the Modern market suffered in Magic Online at the beginning of the year under a crash. One reason for this was the discontinuation of the Modern Master’s sets, which were criticized not only for their high variance in the maps they contained but also because of the high price.

Since February 28, this uncertainty is over, because Wizards of the Coast has introduced Modern Horizons. This will contain 254 cards that were not previously available in the modern format. These are in part brand new cards, but should also be a whole set of already known cards are included, which are currently only playable in legacy and vintage format.

Some of the most powerful Magic cards of all time are not yet legal in Modern format.

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The trick: theoretically, these criteria apply to virtually every new standard set, but Modern Horizons skips the standard format simply. So none of the included maps will be playable in a standard format and the set will not appear for MTG Arena. In the past, the two Conspiracy sets already followed similar approaches, but in this case, both Standard and Modern were skipped.

This frees the designers from a serious limitation because so far it was difficult to accommodate powerful modern cards in regular block sets, without putting the power level of the standard format in danger. Modern Horizons, on the other hand, allows you to design maps directly for the Modern format, without having to worry about the standard format.

Two of the included maps have already been featured in the announcement live stream. This is Cabal Therapist  – an allusion to the popular legacy Cabal Therapy card  – and, for the first time, a Planeswalker card from Serra known since the very first Magic set by the Serra Angel card.

How much Modern Horizons will cost in the store, is not yet known, the Magic Online price, however, is $ 6.99 per booster. A booster box will also contain 36 boosters instead of just 24 like the master sets.

Modern Horizons will be released as a draft set on June 14, 2019, with a pre-release one week earlier.

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