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PlayStation Plus: Membership just 5 euros cheaper

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus: Membership just 5 euros cheaper

Just a few days ago, the new PlayStation Plus games were announced for March 2019. Since it fits very well that the membership is just offered significantly cheaper. If you decide to buy them at the PS Store, you’ll even get a free game on top. 

The offer can currently be found at MediaMarkt *. There Masterpass customers get between 5 and 15 Euro discount on selected products. So also on the PS Plus membership for three months. If she normally costs 24.99 euros, you pay only 19.99 euros with Masterpass, so you save 5 euros. The offer, however, is only valid until 8 March 2019 at 9 o’clock.

PS Plus 3 months: To the offer at MediaMarkt *

What is Masterpass? MasterCard has been offering a free, cross-credit card digital payment service called Masterpass for some time. With it, you can pay more securely and without direct entry of your data online – whether you have MasterCard, Visa, American Express or a completely different credit card. To do this you deposit your personal data with Masterpass. Then you can safely pay at participating stores, without having to enter your credit card details again with the dealer. In this respect, Masterpass works much the same as the better-known service PayPal – just that it remains limited to credit cards.

Do you want to save even more on the PlayStation Store? If you’re a subscriber to PlayStation Plus, in March 2019, you’ll get the following games for free:

If three months of PS Plus are not enough for you, take a look at the PlayStation Store. There the membership costs for a whole year still 59.99 Euro, but you get the game Rainbow Six: Siege for free. However, the offer is only for new customers, you had already used PlayStation Plus with your account, so you do not get the game – even if the membership is currently on hold. The offer on the PlayStation Store is valid until 4 March 2019 at 11:00 clock German time.

With these tricks, you’ll make your PlayStation 4 an even better console:

Are you going to get the PlayStation Store balance on eBay for $ 42.99? Or are you betting on the PlayStation Plus offer? Which games will you buy with the 50 Euro? And are you already a member of PlayStation Plus? Write us down in the comments.
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