That’s Why The Skin “Fish Stick” In Fortnite Is Just So Popular


That’s Why The Skin “Fish Stick” In Fortnite Is Just So Popular

In Fortnite: Battle Royale are all keen on the stupid skin. The weird fish head Fish Stick is especially popular thanks to a new pirate version.

What is the fish stick skin? The Skin Fish Stick (Fish Stick) came into play in Season 7 and was immediately noticed. Because unlike the previous skins, which were all somehow human, Fish Stick looked like a fish that somehow goes upright and looks very stupid from the laundry. Community and the Fishman appeared in many memes and funny montages.

The new version of the fish stick is even more popular

This has changed the fish skin: Meanwhile, the fish stick skin is back in the shop and was already eagerly searched the net. Because it is available again in the shop to buy and that also with additional features.

Because the Fishman is now available in an alternative version. It is available to all owners and new customers of the skin and shows a funny pirate version of the outfit. This is well received and many users on Reddit have already bought or plan it.

Others even demand a pirate version of Leviathan’s other fish skin.

Why is the fish now a pirate? The answer to the change of occupation of Fish Stick is justified in the trailer for Season 8. Because there meet three warring factions who fight for a treasure. These are the Ice King’s henchmen, the prisoner’s ninjas, and a pirate.

And that Season 8 Battle Pass pirate has a bunch of pirate fishmen as a crew. Now you have all the skins from the trailer together to replay the fight scene in the game.

How much is the skin? Fish fingers are a rare skin and therefore cost 1,200 V-Bucks. That’s about 12 euros. There is also a back part and the alternative pirate skin.

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