Toejam & Earl: Back In The Groove! Landed On Earth

ToeJam & Earl

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No, it’s ToeJam & Earl: Back, with their latest creation ‘Back in the Groove!’ landed on earth today.

After laying a crash landing on Earth in 1991 and mingling with the Earthlings, the ToeJam and Earl are back. They go on an excursion to Lamont’s Rapmaster Rocket to show their crew where all the insanity started then. Some time and an accident with the “black hole – finger away!” Button later, and both the earth and the rocket are in ruins. Now the two have no choice but to collect the items, to learn again, to love ( and hate ) the earthlings and to return home.

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! is also a tribute to the original Sega Mega Drive classics and a fresh, modern sequel. Everywhere in the procedurally generated levels full of insane secrets, parts of the ship are hidden. ToeJam and Earl can collect all sorts of gifts that either prove to be helpful or better, they should never have been unpacked – which you only notice when it’s too late. Sometimes they find slingshot tomatoes that can knock their opponents around their ears, sometimes Icarus wings that allow them to fly over dangerous abysses. And sometimes … no, you better keep quiet about the other cases.

“Our fans have long been waiting for a real sequel to the first ToeJam & Earl,” says Greg Johnson, founder of HumaNature. “We’ve also added elements of panic to Funkotron and spiced things up with modern graphics, funky music and a ton of new features – with emphasis on replayability and multiplayer. I’m really happy with what came out of it. I hope for our fans that’s exactly what they were looking forward to. ”

If you’re fed up with calling yourself a “Weiner”, you should scrape together a few XP, level up and leave the starting lineup behind. With each new level, the status values ​​of the characters (speed, health, gifts, search, inventory, luck) improve, and the chances of getting it back to Funkotron are increasing. If you manage to unlock all nine characters and earn power hats for permanent upgrades, you’ll enjoy endless gameplay.

More than 50 Earthlings have set out to get IneJam and Earl in the way. Old “friends” such as the Crazy Dentist and the Ice Cream Cart return, but modern times also bring forth modern types of people. Internet trolls hurl dangerous insults and the typing text Idiotus stares at his cell phone and tramples everything that stands in his way. Not all of them mean it – the guy in the carrot suit is legit.

With a homie in tow, everything is more fun anyway, so in local or online multiplayer with up to four online friends or new buddies. Together, the Rapmaster Rocket can be repaired. There are crass mini-games like the HyperFunk Zone, a side-scroller track full of gifts and money. In addition, dance-offs with funky beats, including remixes from the original.

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