With These 2 Activities Destiny 2 Wants to Convince You in March

Destiny 2

With These 2 Activities Destiny 2 Wants to Convince You in March

Destiny 2 has finally introduced the content for the Vagabond season.

The highlights are the two new modes Gambit Prime and Billing. They should keep the keepers happy for the new season. We introduce these activities in detail. On the 5th of March Destiny 2 starts the Season 6. The Vagabond season.

The focus of the new season is on the Gambit mode and the story of the vagabond itself. The host of Gambit Update:  have updated the article with fresh information about the new armor and their special perks. These are the highlights of Season 6: The new seasonal content should offer something to any Guardian – regardless of the additional content that you have for Destiny 2. But in the long run, you should have two new activities in the course of Season 6 – Gambit Prime and Billing.

Who are the new modes for?

With these activities Destiny 2 continues its line consistently and served, as well as with the blacksmiths from the first premium DLC “the black armory”, above all core players, which are looking for long-term employment. Accordingly, both new modes belong to the premium content of the new season and thus presuppose the Annual Pass.

The goal is to provide ambitious fans with additional content and rewards throughout Year 2. So if you want to enjoy season 6 to the fullest, you have to pay. By the way, Bungie himself emphasizes that the regular Gambit is just training. Gambit Prime, however, is the version for real Schwitzer – with higher risk but also better rewards.

Gambit Prime – The Evolution of GambitWhat is Gambit Prime?

This is a further development and a new mode of the PvEvP activity Gambit. The mode will be available to all owners of the Forsaken Annual Pass right at the start of the new season on March 5 and has two new cards in their baggage: New Arkadia and Overboard.

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As with the regular Gambit, there are match-making and power-level benefits are active in the PvP part. How does Gambit Prime work? On the first day, Gambit Prime is still similar to the original version of this activity. But over time, by unlocking additional benefits, the mode gradually evolves and becomes a different experience.

Here you can dust off loot in the form of numerous Gambit-specific weapons and armor parts. Gambit Prime is closely linked to the second new activity, Billing. Billing will be active after your first Prime Match and will then be played alternately with Gambit Prime in a kind of cycle.

 Biggest changes:

Prime has only one match round compared to the regular Gambit, which should provide a short but very intense experience. In addition, the mode offers new gameplay elements, which rely more on group mechanics and role distribution in boss combat – similar to a raid. The roles should be promoted by special perks, which have a strong influence on the gameplay.

It will also be possible, for example, to reduce the number of submitted motes (particles) in the opposing team. Among other things, two simultaneously active blockers remove particles released to the opponents. So the new armor sets define the four roles: Gambit Prime brings brand new armor parts into play.

The Guardian: Protect your own bank and eliminate intruders

Not only do they look cool, but they also promote different roles with unique perks that are tailored to four game styles and are activated as the number of pieces in each set increases:The Thresher: Responsible for eliminating large enemy clusters and powerful enemies The collector: Responsible for collecting particles and activating the blockers The Guardian: Protect your own bank and eliminate intruders.

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The Invader: Chases the enemies in the enemy arena and steals their particles The (apparently 4) special perks per roll are therefore not found on the armor itself, but depend on the number of set parts that you have equipped at the same time. Parts and thus the “lower” bonuses of different sets can be combined with each other. The powerful “top bonus” signaled by the colored aura can only be unlocked with a complete set.

Team play, however, is always the key to success

The colors of the individual sets give opponents and fellow players insight into what role they are dealing with. But it does not necessarily have every role represented. For example, you can play with four invaders, resulting in completely different tactical constellations and possibilities. Team play, however, is always the key to success.

The new armor parts are obtained via second new mode Billing, which is played alternately with Gambit Prime. Week after week you can earn more equipment. Incidentally, the Gambit armor will also feature regular armor perks, including random rolls, as well as mod slots, and can be changed in a flying match.

The special bonuses will only be active in Gambit Prime

Examples of special bonuses include:The top bonus for the collector allows you to carry 20 particles at once, summoning a massive new blocker The intruder’s top bonus turns you into a blocker and blocks your opponent’s bank accordingly when in the enemy arena. In addition, if you are near your bank, you will shed particles that have been sent to your enemies Billing – a new PvE top activityWhat is billing?

This is also a new mode, which according to Bungie is an additional PvE top activity and should be extremely demanding. Billing will be active as soon as you, as the owner of the Annual Pass, finish your first Prime Match and will then be played alternately with the new Gambit Mode. The mode will be live on Tier 1 for the first time on March 5, offering match-making. How does billing work? Via a portal in the thick sphere, which has the Vagabond’s ship in tow, you enter the Unknown Space of the mysterious Nine.

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Prime Armor synths

There are intense battles against the clock and a huge onslaught of enemies attacking you from all sides. Even huge bosses put you to it. There is chaos like in the Crota-Raid, you have to move fast, quickly eliminate opponents and try to stay alive. Each of the three levels should be increasingly chaotic. How to get the new Gambit armor: When playing Gambit Prime you will receive so-called Prime Armor synths.

You can put these in a kind of portable bank that you get from the vagabond. This creates a special particle that you can take into billing mode. There it acts as a kind of token. If you use it before the start of a turn and then master the activity, you gain the chance of getting a specific piece of armor. For example, if you had a Drescher set particle, parts of this set might end up as a reward for you.

Incidentally, the synths should drop into Gambit Prime without restrictions. Also, they can apparently be used continuously during billing, so that you can farm at will, as long as you have enough particles. Important: Note that not all details about the two new modes are known yet. Further information will follow soon.

Here’s where the different levels of billing and Gambit Prime go: Excerpts from the two new modes as well as further explanations can be found in this ViDoc by Bungie:

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