Xur Can Finally Sell The Good Stuff You Really Want In Destiny 2

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Xur Can Finally Sell The Good Stuff You Really Want In Destiny 2

At Destiny 2, Xur will actually be exciting for everyone again. He brings with him from Season 6 Forsaken Exotics.

That’s the good stuff: Since the Forsaken expansion in the fall of 2018, exotic weapons and armor have become much rarer than before. While many guardians have long since completed the Year 1 Exotics, many players still own only a handful of Forsaken Exotics – as they rarely drop.

But next week you will get more targeted and more frequent on the Forsaken Exotics.

What does Xur have to do with it? Xur, the grumpy Exotic dealer with the noodle face, can also bring Forsaken Exotics in Season 6.

This confirmed Bungie’s Community Manager dmg04 via Twitter. He posted a short patch notes preview for Season 6:

Xur will be updated with the update next week so he can offer Forsaken Exotics

dmg04, Community Manager at Bungie

Xur will be the old man again – with a bonus for annual pass holders

Is there anything else going on at Xur in Season 6? dmg04 emphasizes that Xur is still the old “snake-faced bastard” known from Destiny 1. He is still changing his offer arbitrarily with exotics from various content releases. Say, he will not bring Forsaken Exotics every time.

  • The fate syllables will not let Forsaken exotics jump. This may change in a future update.
  • Xur will bring invitations from the Nine to Annual Pass holders from March 15th. These invitations will give you new tasks to do, you’ll hear stories about the Nine, and receive powerful rewards. Read more here:

Xur is not going to die listless anymore

This is the situation around Xur: In Destiny 1, Xur’s weekly visit was a major event. This was mainly due to a very specific rocket launcher that was so overpowering that everyone wanted it from Xur. In the subsequent Destiny 1 years, the tentacle cheek but gradually lost importance, as the guardians had the exotics that he could bring with time.

In Destiny 2, everyone was curious to see what Xur would bring, but then interest in him quickly dropped. Because the guardians were showered in the first year with Exotics so that many had after a few weeks already all and Xur was superfluous.

Xur died so comfortably for months. Only his biggest fans were interested in his visit.

With the Forsaken extension, Xur has been reworked a bit. He should be more mysterious again and therefore no longer marked on the map. His offer remained lame, however, as he brought only exotics from Year 1 – which already had the most guardians anyway.

This is how the community reacts to the new, old Xur: That Xur can finally offer Forsaken exotics from next week is currently the top topic in the Destiny-Reddit forum. Almost 4000 Upvotes has received the info so far, although it is only a few hours old.

The “hype” around Xur seems to awaken so slowly again. The first guardians already express their wishes, which Exotic Xur must bring along next week. Others, on the other hand, are already painting a shitstorm on the wall that would be guaranteed if Xur next week had no Forsaken Exotic on offer.

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