After One And A Half Years: How Is Destiny 1?

Destiny 1

After One And A Half Years: How Is Destiny 1?

Destiny 1 was released in 2014 and replaced by its successor in 2017. How is the debut today, despite Destiny 2?

So Destiny 1 was: The debut in the Destiny universe was published in 2014 by Bungie and initially had to contend with some difficulty. Especially the community was the little content and the strange story a thorn in the eye.

The content was expanded with the two DLCs “Darkness Lurks” and “House of Wolves” as well as with the extensions “King of the Possessed” and “The Awakening of the Iron Lords”. With the story about the “Taken King” Oryx in “King of the Possessed” the wedding of Destiny 1 was heralded.

At the end of the game cycle, the developers released the latest update Age of Triumph, which added new items and rewards as well as revised activities.

The age of triumph was very popular and was gratefully accepted by the players. Destiny 1 was on the way the keepers have always wanted from the shooter.

Such was the release of Destiny 2: When Destiny 2 was released in September 2017, players had to deal with the otherness as its predecessor: the guardians were less powerful, the PvP was too slow, and the vault was a mess.

To make matters worse, there were no more random rolls – random perks that made weapons unique. Especially the hunt for a so-called “God-Roll” has kept the keepers in Destiny 1 busy for a long time.

With the first expansion Forsaken, Destiny 2 approached its predecessor again, bringing back random rolls and even collectible lore objects in the world.

That’s Destiny 1 today

That’s why Keeper Destiny plays 1: The US side Polygon has spoken for an article with several players from the Destiny community, who are still hanging on Destiny 1 and want to adapt little to the successor.

One of the reasons is the missing endgame to the start of Destiny 2, which was particularly noticeable after the age of triumph. A Guardian said he could always use Destiny 1 when Destiny 2 has nothing to do.

Even today, the community is alive, just as everything is still playable in Destiny 1, except the holidays, which were set in favor of Destiny 2.

The community is pretty healthy. She is held together by an intense reluctance to Destiny 2. I can barely come to a party without anyone (rightly) complaining about D2 because it’s a bad game and inferior to its predecessor.

Andromolek, Destiny subreddite

What is the charm of Destiny 1? Even after the release of Forsaken for Destiny 2, some Guardians still can not part with Destiny 1. For example, there is the Destiny Legacy Subreddit, which deals only with Destiny 1 and is still well attended.

Some players from this subreddit still like to look back on Destiny 1 and chase items that only exist in the first-time game. Others play both games and enjoy the established world in Destiny 1, while there are new things to discover in Destiny 2.

Guardian morphine_sulfate, for example, says the Raid Crotas end has made his return to Destiny 1 more often and collect the items he has not received in the game so far.

Some players say Destiny’s legacy community died with the release of Forsaken. On the other hand, others say they have no trouble finding a group to run a raid in Destiny 1 or stir up the Crucible.

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