Dead By Daylight Gets 60fps Support

Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight Gets 60fps Support

Behavior Interactive continues to strive to further optimize its asynchronous multiplayer title ‘Dead by Daylight’ and is aiming for the next 60fps on consoles.

The developer writes in the official forums:

“Reaching the 60FPS in Dead by Daylight is not an easy task. It’s a versatile iterative process that began six months ago and will continue for a few more months. Our Strike team of programmers dedicated to optimizing the game has been deeply embedded in the code of the game. In summary, optimizing the frame rate is improved by using fewer CPU and GPU cycles to update and render the world without any obvious loss of quality. “

Through this process, the performance on all platforms will be further optimized, but it can also come in the meantime to some disadvantages, as it is further:

“Our goal is to perform better on all platforms, making the game quieter and control more responsive. However, making these changes at the same time (updating the game engine and rewriting the game code) may disrupt things in the short term and may require some adjustment time. We hope you understand that this is a transitional period and an investment to improve the game. “

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