Destiny 2: Why You Should Try These Power Weapons In The New Season

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Why You Should Try These Power Weapons In The New Season

At Destiny 2, the new Vagabond season will be heralded with the 2.2.0 update. In addition to new content for the Season 6 are also numerous changes on board, of which two branches of the arts could particularly benefit.

What is Bungie planning to do? The studio wants to strengthen legendary rocket launchers and grenade launchers so that well-rolled specimens can compete better with the exotic weapons in the power slot when dealing with pure damage.

Guardians, who like to play exotic kicks in the kinetic or energy slot, should get more options for their loadout.

These changes are expected to enter the game as part of Update 2.2.0, which will open the new Season 6 on Destiny 2 on March 5.

What is a problem with legendary power weapons? Currently, legendary power weapons, with few exceptions such as the Hammerhead heavy machine gun or cluster bombs, are in most cases clearly outperforming the exotic competition.

Weapon exotics such as the Sleeper Simulant, the Thunderlord or the Whispering of the Worm are hard to beat when it comes to maximum damage output. Most legendary power weapons are therefore dusted in the vault.

Bungie wants to change that by strengthening legendary power weapons. So one would like to ensure that the guardians opt for Exotics because they fit their style of play and not because there is no path to them in terms of damage technology.

The difference between Exotics and Legendaries should not be so great that you have in principle no real choice.

This changes for power weapons with Update 2.2.0

Keep in mind that these changes apply only to legendary specimens of these two branches of service. Weapon exotics that fall under this category will be customized.

The changes in grenade launchers: Grenade launchers had problems with their ammunition reserves, which made them very inconsistent. In addition, the damage in the PvE was simply too low to be able to keep up seriously with other heavy arms. As a result, they played almost no role for most guardians.

Exactly at these aspects, Bungie starts now:

  • So you have increased the damage of the grenade launcher in PvE by 25%
  • The ammo reserves of most grenade launchers have also been increased. Most of the throwers have received three shots at the reserves, but this can be changed with perks like “Tailored”
  • In addition, magazine perks and modes no longer affect the reserves

The changes in rocket launcher: In legendary rocket launcher there was so far in principle only one real alternative – the cluster bombs. This perk has almost doubled the damage output of the corresponding launcher under ideal conditions.

Again, Bungie wants to provide with the following changes for more options:

  • Rocket launcher PvE damage is increased by 60% to 65%.
  • The damage of cluster bombs is reduced by about 80%. However, this is compensated with the damage increase for the rocket itself

This will make rocket launchers more reliable and effective – especially against targets in the air. They have almost never reached the cluster bombs.

These weapons are also changing: with the beginning of Season 6, other branches of weapons will be adapted. So should change, among other things, shotguns and linear fusion guns so much.

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