Fortnite: At The $ 500,000 Tournament In Katowice A Violent Bug Occurred


Fortnite: At The $ 500,000 Tournament In Katowice, A Violent Bug Occurred

Currently, some of the best Fortnite players in the world are playing for $ 500,000 at the ESL tournament in Katowice, Poland. But a bug makes it doubt that Fortnite in the current version is ripe for e-sports.

That was the bug: The player Marki was sent to the ground in a firefight in Frosty Flight.

If a player has 0 life in Fortnite and plays in a team, he is not dead, but only “struck down.” He can still crawl.

The opponent wanted Marki in this situation finally turn off and treat himself with a kill and the boost for his shield, which there is an update for each kill.

But Marki just could not get below 0 life in the situation. The opponent then withdrew. Marki could not believe his luck, as you can see from his reaction in the stream.

The player Marki was then revived by his partner and could continue to play normally.

That’s why it’s so tricky: The glitch has now been spotted live at an official e-sports tournament run by the ESL, which is priced at $ 500,000.

Professionals had already criticized before the tournament that Epic lets them play with a “practically new version of Fortnite” because only on Thursday Season 8 was released with numerous changes:

  • Now you realize that only the gameplay and especially the map of Fortnite has changed and the professionals thus need a new strategy
  • But there are apparently still bugs and glitches in the game.

In general, this again raises the question of whether Fortnite can function here as a “serious e-sports title”.

Fans of titles that have long been regarded as e-sports, see it critically when such errors occur.

Normally in e-sports, a stable and glitch-free environment should be guaranteed. But stability is not compatible with Fortnite’s turbulent patch policy.

Even at the rival title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds appeared during tournament glitches, which led to discussions whether the early-access title is really ripe for e-sports.

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