Generation Zero – First Character Type ‘The Hip-hopper’ Introduced

Generation Zero

Generation Zero – First Character Type ‘The Hip-hopper’ Introduced

The Avalanche Studios have launched a new blog series about their upcoming action title ‘Generation Zero’, which introduces each character in the game, starting today with: The Hip-Hopper.

In Generation Zero you start with a stereotype character based on typical styles or sub-cultures that were present in the 80s, including punks, metalheads, jocks or hip-hop kids. The Hip-Hopper you can access one of these character types directly, which says:

“Hip-Hop style elements in Generation Zero contain exactly what you would expect from hip-hop fashion of the 1980s. Chunky gold chains and watches, sportswear, sneakers, bold colors and baseball caps. When you first create a character using the hip-hop stereotype, some of them are shown by default, but of course there is much more to explore to further customize your look as the game progresses. Maybe you decide halfway that you really want to look more like a punk. That is also OK. The stereotype is really just a basic template that you can use. Then you can decide with your own decisions which character you would like to have. “

More of these stereotypes will be presented in the coming days and weeks. Generation Zero will be released at the end of March 2019.

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