MMORPG Experts Develop New Online RPG With Unreal Engine 4


MMORPG Experts Develop New Online RPG With Unreal Engine 4

Jagex, known by the long-lived MMORPG Runescape, is currently working on a new online role-playing game. This time, the team relies on the Unreal Engine. Action should be in the foreground.

What did Jagex announce? The development studio explained 
to have hired Nathan Richardsson.

He works as an executive producer on a not yet officially announced online action role-playing game based on Unreal Engine 4.

Runescape is now 18 years old. It’s time for something new.

Who is Nathan Richardsson? He has been working in the games industry for 15 years and has been involved with CCP Games on EVE Online. Other games he has worked on include:

  • Dust
  • World of Darkness
  • Defiance

He also worked for Ubisoft Montreal and Behavior Digital.

Have any new employees been hired? Yes, there are additional hires as Jagex builds a team of passionate and experienced MMO developers working on the new online game.

  • Pete McKay as Director of Community (formerly at CCP and Riot Games)
  • Agatha Bejan as Head of CRM and Player Engagement (formerly EA, Microsoft, and NaturalMotion)
  • Alan Krause as Senior Director of Game Engineering (formerly at SOE, Trion, Amazon)

What kind of game could that be?

What kind of game is created here? There was as good as nothing betrayed about the title.

Nevertheless, the term online action RPG shows that we can probably adjust to an active, fast combat system.

Is it an MMORPG? The developers refrain from calling the project MMORPG. Therefore, it is conceivable that this may be more of a co-op gaming experience:

  • Maybe something awaits us here, which is going in the direction of a Lost Ark but with fewer players: So something in the direction of Torchlight or Diablo
  • Or is there a game that could be based on Monster Hunter World and Dauntless? An online role-playing game for smaller groups who experience the adventure together.

The use of Unreal Engine 4 suggests that the title should also convince visually.

The developers of Runescape set for their next game on the Unreal Engine 4.

Is this game related to other Jagex projects? Back in May of last year, Jagex announced that it was working on a next-gen MMORPG that was to become very accessible. This game was called MMORPG, so it could be another project.

More likely, this is the Free2Play game that was even talked about two years ago .

What does the community think about this? There is a bit of skepticism, because Jagex was able to retract to Runescape no success with other games. 
Stellar Dawn and Transformers Universe have been discontinued. The now 18-year-old Runescape is still running well today and Jagex has a great deal of experience keeping an online game interesting over an enormously long period of time.

Makav3liii writes cynically on Reddit: “Jagex has never played a game successfully. Every time they try, it will be aborted or fail. The only MMO is Runescape, made by three people who have not worked there for 10 years. “

But some fans are also interested and are looking forward to what Jagex can do to develop a modern online RPG.

When we learn more about this project is currently unclear.

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