New Brother In Arms Continues To Evolve

Brother In Arms

New Brother In Arms Continues To Evolve

In addition to the new Borderlands game developer, Gearbox has been working for some time on another game in the Brothers in Arms universe. There is once again a sign of life, although nothing specific to the game itself.

When asked about the current status and possible release of ongoing projects, CEO Randy Pitchford commented:

“Sorry, we currently have no answer. We are working on something. And I’m looking forward to it if it’s already shared. […] We are working on some things that have to do with Brothers in Arms .. but these can not be announced yet. “

In addition to Brothers in Arms, there was also a brief statement on the new Borderlands game, of which it is not yet clear whether it is in Borderlands 3 or a completely different game.

“It’s no secret that we have games in development. This includes games in the franchise of Borderlands. I can not control what other people are worried about. I’m worried about entertainment and will announce things when they’re done. “

News about the new Borderlands may be available at the end of March at the PAX event, as hinted at just a few days ago by Gearbox. At least you’ve prepared great things for it that probably did not exist in this form yet.

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