New Patch In Atlas Changes Everything – All Start At Zero


New Patch In Atlas Changes Everything – All Start At Zero

In March, the developers of Atlas plan a major overhaul for their pirate MMO. This should fix many big problems. At the same time, all servers are reset so that no player can profit from old mistakes.

That’s about to change : In their roadmap, Grapeshot Games presents three major aspects to be worked on in the March update:

  • World re-design
  • Revision of the stresses
  • New war system

In addition, many small problems are tackled, such as the ships of the damned, which will occur in large numbers in the future, but significantly weaker.

What happens to the progress so far? So that individual players have no advantages after the big update, the developers reset all servers.

So all players start completely at zero. However, all players who log in to Atlas prior to the update will receive exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Atlas is getting bigger – Over 200 new islands are waiting for you

That’s about to change the world of Atlas: The developers want to offer all players a home. That is why the world should be enlarged. In addition, some innovations and cosmetic adjustments are planned.

There should be a new island in every part of the world. Overall, the world is divided into 225 smaller regions, so each region is equipped with a new island.

What to expect in March: In the March update, there will be many innovations, including a submarine and a guillotine. With the submarine, you can also explore a new underwater world.

The patch also brings some cosmetic innovations, such as wood legs and hook hands.

This changes in the server choice: To start the update, the developers also allow a change of home server. If you are not satisfied with your current world, you can choose a new one at the end of March

Attacks on islands only with the consent of the owners

In particular, Atlas’ combat and conquest system will undergo a major overhaul with the patch. So players can now theoretically build on each island.

These are the settlements: An island has only one place in the future, which can be claimed. This place is called “Settlement”. Owner of the settlement belongs to the island.

Although non-owners of the island can build there, but their buildings can be attacked immediately. In addition, these buildings deteriorate over time.

Owners of the island, however, have special rules. Thus, a period of 9 hours must be specified, at which the settlement is vulnerable daily.

During this time the buildings can be attacked. Otherwise, however, they are invulnerable.

That’s changing for the Companies: The size of a company has been reduced to 250 members. In addition, a company can only be in two alliances at the same time in the future.

The alliances themselves are also adjusted. For example, the size per alliance is set to a maximum of four companies.

How to recognize your friend and enemy: In order to be able to recognize exactly in the future whether an island belongs to the allies and the enemies, they are dyed.

So there are different colors for the own island, the ally island and the island of non-allied players.

Live stream and patch notes to the innovations

If you are interested in all new features with the patch, you can watch the official recording of the developer livestream. In addition, the complete patch notes were published in the forum.

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