Players Are Afraid Anthem Is Killing Their Ps4 And Wanting Help From Sony


Players Are Afraid Anthem Is Killing Their Ps4 And Wanting Help From Sony

A big problem at Anthem is just on Xbox One and PS4 for trouble. Because the game can cause the console to crash. Some players are afraid that their console could suffer permanent damage. 

Sony has already responded in some cases

What is happening on PS4 and Xbox One? The game may crash if you really want to close the application. Such cases have already been reported on both consoles, but the PS4 seems to be affected much more frequently.

Is there a solution? So far, it does not look like there’s a way to avoid it. The cause is also not known yet, a statement from Bioware did not exist so far. Players turn to Sony, are angry that scares the players? The players are accordingly angry and are afraid of their consoles. Because after such a crash, it may be that the console does not react for a long time, even the controller cannot establish a connection.

How Sony reacts, according to players reports: Lack of a timely solution from BioWare some fans have turned directly to Sony and asked for help. In some cases, the purchase price of the digital copies has been refunded within a few minutes, at least some players say. The user SoundAndFury writes: “Sony is aware of the problems. She offers a complete refund for Anthem without asking questions. It took me only 5 minutes.

“Is a refund guaranteed by Anthem?

Other players report that they have not been refunded. In one case, it was probably just that one should stop playing the game. So far, no clear line can be seen. It is not guaranteed that Sony will refund the purchase price of Anthem.

This is how the players react to the problems: Players vent their anger in Subreddit by Anthem. Many are also angry that the problem exists since release and Bioware, despite all the messages still shows no response. The console would not only crash but crash as if you were pulling the plug.

This is a serious problem that should take precedence over any loot patches. We’ll keep you up to date on the problem. So far, there are no official statements from Sony and Bioware, accordingly, the reports are still to be enjoyed with caution.

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