Pokémon Go: Dataminer Discovers Which Event Awaits Us At The End Of March

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: Dataminer Discovers Which Event Awaits Us At The End Of March

In Pokémon GO soon to expect a new event. A Dataminer found quests that point to an event for Equinox. We’ll show you what you know so far.

That’s why an event awaits us: The Dataminer Chrales has found new quests in the Pokémon GO code. These are under the heading “equinox 2019”.

What is Equinox? This word describes the equinox. This is the day when day and night are the same. This year it falls on the 20th of March.

That’s why it’s interesting for Pokémon GO: Niantic likes to host events on such special days. Since the Dataminer has now found quests named “equinox 2019”, one can certainly hope that an event is waiting for us.

These are the quests found

That’s what the field research is all about: a total of 4 quests were found. They are all about plant Pokémon.

Endive already had a community day and is now part of the quests.
  • Catch X bisasam or endive
  • Catch X Plant Pokémon
  • Develop X Plant Pokémon
  • Develop X Plant Pokémon (probably another number)

What kind of event could it be? Further details about the event are not yet known. If you look at the quests, you can be sure that the plant Pokémon are in the foreground.

It fits: On March 23, also takes place the Community Day in March. This time it’s all about the plant starter Geckarbor. This also fits the plant Pokémon in the event.

Players hope for that: Should it really be a plant event, many players hope that Folipurba will be introduced. This Pokémon is an evolution of type plant. So it would fit.

Players hope for the release of Folipurba

In addition, many players hope for the launch of Kikugi and Kinoso. These two fourth-generation monsters are still missing and are of type plant.

When could the event start? Since the equinox will take place on March 20 in Germany, an event should also start then. It remains to be seen when Niantic will enlighten us.

Maybe such an event will not take place, because Niantic officially confirmed nothing. So far, only quests have been found in the code. Nevertheless, the quests for the year 2019 were described. So it’s very likely that we can look forward to such an event.

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