Pokémon Go: That’s Why You Should Collect Your Miracle Box Today

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: That’s Why You Should Collect Your Miracle Box Today

In Pokémon GO Shiny Meltan disappears tomorrow morning. So you should open a miracle box again because tomorrow the event will end around the Pokémon.

That’s why you should get the Wunderbox: Shiny Meltan has so far only been in one event. This event has been going on for over a month but ends tomorrow morning. So if you do not have Shiny, you should get another box.

When will the event be over? Today, March 4th, the event ends according to official announcement at 23:59 PST. This is in Germany at 8:59 am tomorrow morning (5 March). Anyone who does not have time for Pokémon GO at this hour should pick up a miracle box again today.

That’s why Shiny Meltan will disappear first

That’s what Niantic says: The announcement for the event says that you can catch the Shiny only in this limited time. After that, it will disappear first.

Will it come again? Surely, Shiny Meltan will come back into play, but a date is unknown. If Meltan does it like Shiny’s legendary Pokémon, it can take some time. After all, Meltan is a mysterious Pokémon that can be compared to legendary Pokémon.

How likely is Shiny Meltan? If you picked up a Meltan Box every 3rd day, then you should have come across the probability of having at least one Shiny. The Shiny rate is around 1 in 40.

Here’s how you get to Meltan: If you have not come to a miracle box yet, then you should visit a friend with a Nintendo Switch and one of Let’s GO games.

If you then send a Pokémon to the game, in return you will receive a miracle box. This then holds around 20 Meltan ready for you.

You can also meet a Meltan if you complete the special research “More on Meltan“.

For this special research, you also have to catch Ditto. There are two more Pokémon for-

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