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Skyrim Together: Modders Should Have Stolen Code Lines

Skyrim Together

Skyrim Together: Modders Should Have Stolen Code Lines

Skyrim Together is a mod that aims to make the world of Himmelsrand available to multiple players. The mod has started in beta but now has some reproaches.

For some years Skyrim’s PC players have been waiting for the “Skyrim Together” mod, which will finally allow players to play role-playing with multiple players. Currently, the closed beta for the patron supporters of the project has begun. However, there is a problem for modders. The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) team claims that the creators stole from them.

It should be about a few lines of code from their program, which should actually be supportive of other mods. On Reddit, the developer behind SKSE writes that in some files still unmodified lines from his mod can be found. The developers answer that these lines of code are from the time when the developers worked with SKSE. They would be removed with an upcoming patch.

But that does not seem like the end of the flagpole yet. Because even the former founder of the Skyrim Together Mod has spoken in the thread to speak. But he beats down on the side of SKSE and claims that he has been forced out of the project. Now a modder he has hired himself claims that SKSE has never been used. Since the controversy broke out, numerous supporters have withdrawn on the Patreon side. The project was previously at about $ 33,000. Now it’s only $ 26,000 down the drain.

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