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Steam Scares Users With Scary Sounds


Steam Scares Users With Scary Sounds

Leaving Steam unattended could scare you pretty nasty. Numerous users of the gaming platform report that they get strange sounds played by Steam.

For Reddit user ” YouNiqueUser ” it was quite a shock. He came back to his computer after a pause and suddenly heard screams, laughter, and terrible sounds. With caution, he searched for the source and finally found it in the Steam Music Player. This snatched sound files from the horror shocker Amnesia: The Dark Descent and played it off easily.

This scary incident happened even a second time, no less terrible. With his situation, he was desperate to Reddit users who reported to his surprise, similar incidents. However, it is probably not just about Amnesia. Other players get sounds from games like Dota 2.

There are even users who do not even own Amnesia but still hear the sound files. So it seems to be a more than a strange bug of the gaming platform. It remains to hope for those affected that Valve quickly finds a solution. Not that anyone gets scared to death by Steam in the middle of the night.

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