The Division 2 Wants To Give You What Everyone Lacks: Endgame From Day One

The Division 2

The Division 2 Wants To Give You What Everyone Lacks: Endgame From Day One

In recent years, every major Games-as-a-Service game had to face the same point of criticism: lack of endgame content.

The Division 2 wants to do it differently and puts the focus from the beginning to the game after reaching the maximum level, the endgame. That’s the big goal of the developers: Since the announcement of The Division 2, developers Massive have always emphasized that they attach great importance to the endgame.

Right to the start on March 15, the Shared World Shooter should have enough content to keep players motivated for a long time. Why is that so important? For this you have to look at the history of The Division 1. After the release, there was hardly anything to do in the endgame after completing the story.

For it hailed a lot of criticism. Massive had to improve a lot. Also with other shooters like Anthem and Destiny 2, there was similar criticism. This is a general problem with such Games-as-a-Service games:Destiny 2 put a lot of emphasis on the release, but less on the endgame, which caused frustration for the fans.

Anthem also gets some shots at the bow because of the low Stronghold number. Can Massive avoid the problem? In fact, it looks like The Division 2 could be successful with the plan to offer a varied and rewarding endgame right from the start.

There’s a lot to do in The Division 2 with the extensive campaign,

Which is also in the endgame, a complex build system, PvP and PvE activities like Conflict and the Dark Zone. We’ll show you what’s waiting for you in the endgame when Massive’s plans come up. After the story, it goes onLike its predecessor, and The Division 2 has a great story campaign, which can be locked alone or in a group. But there are some differences to the campaign in the first part.

How was that in The Division 1? Already in the previous campaign with an average of 20 hours of play was relatively long. But it’s only once, could only play all the missions again. The story was over, it did not really go on until now. Even in the extensions, there were little new story elements except for a few audio logs. So it is in The Division 2: According to the developers, the campaign in The Division 2 will be approximately 40 hours and thus longer than the first part.

Moreover, it is still far from being over

Once you have completed it and reached the endgame, a twist comes into play in the form of a new faction. It expands the campaign. With this faction, called Black Tusk, the story should go on. However, it is not yet known what this additional story content will look like. It is clear, after all, that the story is not finished after the campaign.

Black Tusk mixes up the endgameEndgame Black Tusk is superior to The Division 2’s other hostile groups. It will appear as soon as you reach the maximum level of 30 and complete the story. Your goal is to take control of Washington DC. This is Black Tusk: Not much is known about this faction yet.

The only certainty is that they are clearly superior to other factions in terms of technology, armament, and strategy. Black Tusk appears in almost every section of The Division 2. In Open World she takes control points, fights you, civilians, but also other enemy factions like the True Sons or Hyenas. In addition, there are new variants of the story missions, the so-called Invaded missions.

What are Invaded missions?

The Invaded missions can be seen as alternative versions to the traditional story missions that are always repeatable. Instead of the normal factions, you only encounter Black Tusk in the Invaded missions. And that changes these missions in several ways: Black Tusk uses technologies such as Robo Dogs, Bomb Drones and other dangerous gadgetsThe AI is the smarter and more tactical number of opponents is increased significantlySpawn points are random, so missions do not always follow the same 100% scheme what do these missions bring me? They are ideal to bring you better loot. In addition, the claim increases, so who wants challenging fighting, plays the Invaded missions directly on the highest of the difficulty levels.

Our author Tarek could already play one of these missions. Massive PvE content as you go through the story, you do not just have the Black Tusk you can fight. The other factions also want to collar you and the civilians in their settlements. This fight continues after the main mission. There is always something going on in DCThis awaits you in the game world: civilians permanently need your support in securing Washington DC, so it’s all about keeping control points or liberating them.

The game world works dynamically,

There is always something to kill or someone to help. You can also roam the world, gather resources, and help civilian settlements with their projects. You can provide them with food and supplies that you find in the world. In return, there are rewards like blueprints. Story missions can be repeated another activity you can do is to repeat the story missions.

With the higher levels of difficulty, you can also get better loot and test your upgraded equipment. Which difficulty levels are there? So far, these difficulty levels have been confirmed:LightnormalHeavyAre there more levels? Nothing is confirmed yet. But it is very likely that there are even higher levels of difficulty. In the endgame of the predecessor, there were still the difficulty levels Challenging, Heroic and Legendary.

There are extensive side missions and smaller jobs in addition to the main story, The Division 2 offers a variety of side missions that you can complete. If these were rather uninteresting and repetitive in the first part, they are “handmade” in The Division 2 and each mission is unique. In part, they even correspond in scope to the main missions of the first part.

In addition, there are regular bounty orders in which you can hunt for important goals.1st Raid after release has been known for some time now that several raids are planned for The Division 2. The first one is called “Dark Hours” and will be released soon after the release of The Division 2. So far you know about the Raid: Up to 8 players can play the Raid activity together.

 The venue is the Washington Ronald Reagan Airport

And should be quite big. So far there were no further details. It is only known that the raid should make the player’s sol l land that its scope can be compared with raids from MMORPGs like WoW. A paradise for build-hobbyistsThe Division 2 builds on the systems of its predecessor and turns over a lot.

The result seems to be a complex loot and equipment system that allows for a lot of freedom. This too is one of the key points in learning from the first part. There it looked quite mad to release. So it was in The Division 1: There were only 5 rarities in the first part of the release:Gray (usually)Green (unusual)Blue (rare)Violet (epic)Yellow (high end)But there were hardly any differences between the levels.

The values increase with increasing rarity, also high-end-parts have more values, than a green item. Nevertheless, there was little variation, builds have barely felt different. It took a few months for this to change with the gear sets. So it is in The Division 2: Again, you do not want to repeat this mistake with The Division 2. Although equipment is based on the same principle, there are some innovations. Like the brand sets that divide your gear into different brands.How Brand Sets Work: Depending on the brand, there are other bonuses.

If you carry several set parts of the same brand, more will be unlocked. These bonuses can then, for example, increase your damage with submachine guns, or make you more robust. So with the brand sets, you can customize and refine your style of play. Brands can also be paired with gear sets that celebrate their comeback in The Division 2. Complete gear sets will be part of the endgame.

This time, you do not have to wait until after release to get started

Gear sets are back – one is now known until now, people were keeping their heads covered when it came to gear sets. They had been confirmed for some time, now the first of was officially launched. It’s called “The True Patriot” or “The True Patriot” and is different from what one would expect from the predecessor gear sets.

How gear sets work in The Divsion 1: Gear sets were introduced after release. These are named sets that could unlock bonuses if you have equipped several parts of the same set. At first only sets with up to 4 bonuses were available, later the classified sets with up to 6 followed.

You release the first bonus as soon as you play two parts of the same set. Perhaps the biggest change is that, unlike the gear sets in The Division 1, you have to wear the complete set in order to use the Gear Set’s ability. Collect exotic equipment in addition to the gear sets also returns exotic equipment.

 Unique weapons and armor pieces that bring special designs and bonuses

This is known so far about Exotics: Although there were already some exotics in the predecessor, you do not want to recycle an exotic item for The Division 2 to the release. Every exotic will be unique and new. Similar to Destiny, you can only carry one weapon and one accessory of exotic items at a time. How strong they are is not known at the moment. However, those who like collecting will already have a lot to do on their own.

The specializations expand the diversity while the brands and gear sets are based on systems from the predecessor, the specializations feature a new feature in The Division 2. These are only available at level 30 and are intended to give you even more options for defining your style of play. What are specializations?

These are first and foremost other skill trees, which give you various advantages and an individual weapon. Altogether there are 3 different specializations in the game:Destruction Expert: Grenade LauncherSniper: Caliber 50th Precision RifleSurvival Specialist: CrossbowIf you play with one of these specializations, you can activate passive bonuses and unique skill mods in the respective skill tree. In our list, you will find all known bonuses of specializations.

You can freely switch between these and expand each one to the maximum

In addition, further specializations are planned for the future. Dark Zones for the hunt for gear and playersThis is the story of the Dark Zone: One of the figureheads of Part 1 is the Dark Zone. In the world of The Division 2, a deadly virus has plunged the big nations into chaos worldwide. The dark zones are, as far as we know, in New York and Washington DC Here, the contamination by the virus is particularly strong.

As a result, the government cordoned off these neighborhoods and left all who were in it to their own devices. This is the dark zone in the game: PvP and PvE are mixed in these separate areas of Open World. Players can hunt for loot while hitting down other players as well. In doing so, they can either become apostate and steal the loot of skilled players or even hunt down apostates.

Good equipment is usually contaminated and must first be flown out by helicopter. It will take a while. In this time you are vulnerable, as any player on the map can see when someone calls a helicopter. That’s the charm of the Dark Zone, you never know what an encounter will be like. In total, The Division 2 even has 3 different Dark Zones located to the west, south and east of Washington DC.PvP fans get their money Division 2 is not just about story and gear.

PvP is also an important component for the developers

Therefore, there will be a separate PvP section to start with Conflict. These PvP modes are included in Conflict: For the release of The Division 2, PvP lovers can look forward to two modes:Skirmish: This is a classic team deathmatch in which 4 against 4 competeDomination: This is about conquering and holding 3 points on the map against a hostile 4-team. The maps for these PvP modes were made especially for this.

The Division 2 presents its endgame content in a trailer :Is the endgame promised as good as here? Currently you can not say that yet. Ultimately, we only know the plans so far. The Division 2 then has to convince in the practice test.

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