These 7 Javelins In Anthem Look Like Someone You Know


These 7 Javelins In Anthem Look Like Someone You Know

In Anthem, you can create your Javelins extensively. Some players have now recreated familiar characters from series, movies, comics or games. We’ll show you 7 examples you may recognize.

Although Anthem is primarily an online game that revolves around collecting loot. But apart from that, you can deal with some other things.

For many players, the design of your javelin is one of them, because the possibilities are manifold and give you a lot of room to maneuver. These are 7 Javelins whose role models you know.

N7 soldier (Mass Effect)

User Andre Rozzante introduced his N7 soldier via Twitter. N7 is an elite unit of the Mass Effect universe, a popular Bioware series of games that, as you know, also developed Anthem.

A matching N7 skin was available in the release week in the shop of the game, so there are certainly many different N7 designs. The ranger as a soldier is particularly suitable.

Freezer (Dragon Ball Z / Super)

One of the most famous villains of the anime story is now also found in Anthem. At least that’s what the player Grinchmaen tried with an interceptor.

This is also quite successful, Dragon Ball fans should recognize the Freezer Interceptor. And wondering what the golden freezer would look like.

War Machine (Marvel, Iron Man)

Since the announcement of Anthem, the gameplay, feel and look of the Javelin is often compared to Iron Man. Many fans also design their Javelins accordingly.

There is still War Machine. Sure, the character is not as popular as Iron Man but deserves a little love. This version also comes from Grinchmaen and is quite successful.

The Hulkbuster (Marvel, Iron Man)

You can not do without Iron Man. The user Big_T2 has presented on Twitter his impressive version of the great Iron-Suits.

The Colossus was from the beginning as a candidate to emulate his own Hulkbuster. Therefore, this will not be the first variant.

Buzz Lightyear (Disney, Toy Story)

We have already reported that some players design their javelins to look like toys from the Disney movie Toy Story.

This one comes from the Reddit user InfiniteShwifty and is modeled on the popular character Buzz Lightyear.

If you are looking for toy looks for your Javelins, have a look at this guide:

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