Why It’s Now A Good Time After 5 Years To Get Into Eso?

The Elder Scrolls

Why It’s Now A Good Time After 5 Years To Get Into Eso?

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has been on the market for almost 5 years now

Is it worth it to enter now in 2019 or has the train left? Learn it here. The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) MMORPG was released in April 2014. And has since undergone many enhancements and updates. The game is thriving with massive numbers of users. And will be the first large-scale add-on campaign in 2019 with the Dragon season. But what if you have not played ESO before or have not been active for years?

Is the entry worth it?

Three good reasons why you should start now with ESOIn fact, 2019. Is ideal for a number of reasons to (re) enter ESO. This is mainly due to a nondescript update that came on the server recently. ESO is as comfortable and beginner-friendly as never before. The big, free DLC Wrathstone update also featured a feature that fans have long missed in ESO. (the Area Guide)

This is a feature that allows you to conveniently view what is to be done in each area. That goes for quests, story tasks, and even Achievements if you want to hunt them. Now you can do specific tasks and have a good overview even as a beginner and do not get confused by content. It has never been easier to start as a freshman in ESO.ESO offers content independent of the level ESO. And you cannot only immediately find the relevant content in each zone. But you can also enter each zone immediately.

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For some time already, the concept “One Tamriel” applies

This means that you can visit any area anytime there. Can do all the quests always finds relevant lot play with your friends. Because in ESO you are always adjusted to the level of opponents in the area and so you can go as a “Level 1 Noob”. With veterans who have already reached the maximum level. Everyone has adequate opponents and gets the loot that he is used to for his level.

As newcomers, you do not have to worry about being left forever. Apart from really tough endgame raids and hardcore mode instances. You can play in anything, no matter how high your level or equipment is. Important for returnees: The three factions are still present. But are only relevant in PvP in Cyrodiil? As a member of the Dominion pact, you can now quest and move freely. ESO is a game for many types of players.

Elder Scrolls Online was once referred to as MMORPG

Which has more to do with Skyrim than World of Warcraft? That still applies. If you are a fan of single-player RPGs but have no problem with social systems and online features. You should have a lot of fun in ESO. Because most quests you can do alone. Then the game – much like SWTOR – places a lot of importance on storytelling.

All quests are fully set to music and as you would expect from Elder Scrolls. You get loads of cool, exciting, scary and sometimes quirky stories. Anyone who already explored the area in Skyrim and Co. and wanted to experience the cool stories. And Will also get their money’s worth in ESO. For fans of MMORPGs, there is enough content in the form of dungeons and hearty raids. Since some have accumulated in the last 5 years. According to ESO’s Reddit, quite different types of players have become happy with ESO.

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So some are only the crafting operate and especially cool items produce and offer in the game. Still, others play ESO as a role play and life simulation. They are fully absorbed in their role and have great pleasure in optimally furnishing their houses in housing. This is also possible in ESO.So you can get into ESOThe Elder Scrolls Online is a Buy2Play game. You have to buy it for about 19.99 euros and then you can play unlimited and without restrictions.

You can also complete a subscription called “ESO Plus”

This will give you more money and experience than loot and unlimited access to all DLC as long as you continue to subscribe. You can also hoard an infinite number of crafting materials. The subscription costs about 12 euros a month and offers you the equivalent of it in exchange currency in the game. You can then buy cosmetic items or unlock the DLC individually.

Then you can play them even if the subscription is not running. Some of the add-ons, here called chapters, are only available for extra money and are not included in the subscription. The first add-on Morrowind is now included in the basic version of the game. Incidentally, the addon Elsweyr, which is especially eagerly awaited, comes in 2019, offering kites and kites.

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