WoW Classic Has Received Some Updates, But When Does It Appear?

World Of Warcraft

WoW, Classic Has Received Some Updates, But When Does It Appear?

In a forum post, the developers talk about some updates to the Classic version of World of Warcraft

Since the Blizzcon beta, a lot has happened and feedback from the players has obviously helped a lot. Only to the release, there is little new.

These are the updates: After many feedback from players who have already played Classic for the demo, Blizzard has reworked several things again. For this purpose, a short and not complete list was published in an official forum post: Items with this property now increase the chance of a critical hit by X%. Rogues have regenerated energy too fast, which has now been resolved.

Jumps are no longer braked by “slow fall”.Ranged weapon and wand hits now reset casting time. Dodging, parrying and missing occurred less often than intended. Among other things, there were problems with the regeneration of life points and critical hits. This was actually a problem that the developers had explicitly tested before the demo and that occurred anyway.

It showed some difficulties with the test environment and the servers. What do the changes mean? Blizzard is approaching the status with the updates, which WoW Classic really had at the planned patch level 1.12. This should guarantee the feeling of playing a real WoW Classic. But that also includes unpleasant things. Some players have criticized that the demons of a sorcerer disappeared when they started to summon a new one.

They thought he should not disappear until the summon ended. According to Blizzard, however, it is exactly the state that a demon disappears at the beginning of the new spell. That’s one of the things that were even more “unpleasant” in Classic.

This is said about the release: New information about the release does not exist yet. It just means that you could look forward to a “classic summer”.But there is also the hint that soon (not “soon tm “) more information will follow.

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