Black Desert Launches On Xbox One – Launch Trailer, Price, Download

Black Desert Launches On Xbox One – Launch Trailer, Price, Download

The beautiful sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Online is finally released on the console Xbox One. There are several versions and a cool launch trailer. You can get all the information about the launch, the price and the download of Black Desert on Xbox One here.

What is the Black Desert Online? This game is a sandbox MMORPG from South Korea. It’s set in a medieval fantasy world and you can unfold yourself in the best sandbox style. There are many ways to build a trade network with Housing and Crafting.

There is also a cool action fighting system and thrilling PvP battles in the endgame. There is also a beautiful graphic. Above all, the customization options in the editor are enormous and are considered the best in the genre.

When does Black Desert come for the Xbox One? The launch of Black Desert Online on the Microsoft console is today, on 4.3. 2019. At the time of this news, the game is already available in the Microsoft Store.

How big is the download? According to the official Microsoft Store, Black Desert for the Xbox One should be 32.74GB in size.

How much does Black Desert cost? Black Desert Online is a Buy2Play game. That means you have to buy it once and then play it unlimited. There are four different editions:

  • Basic edition for 9.99 euros
  • Standard Edition for 29.99 euros
  • Deluxe Edition for 49.99 euros
  • Ultimate Edition for 99.99 euros

The normal edition contains only the game, the higher editions still additional goodies such as play money, real money currency and mounts.

What’s in the Xbox version? The version for the Xbox is not on the same level as the PC version. There are only 6 classes. Also missing are regions like Mediah, Valencia, and Kamasylvia . But they should be submitted soon. This also applies to the still missing classes from the PC version.

Those who have participated in the beta will receive a special title.

What’s the benefit of having an Xbox One X? Who plays Black Desert on the Xbox One X, gets compared to the normal version still a 4K Ultra HDR support, which should provide for a better and sharper picture.

What does Black Desert Online look like? If you want to see what the game looks like in action, you can watch the trailer for the Xbox Launch.

There is also a funny live-action trailer featuring the cool editor.

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