“We Were Here First” – Why Fortnite Pros Argue For Landing Sites


“We Were Here First” – Why Fortnite Pros Argue For Landing Sites

After a tournament in Fortnite, big talk about a landing pad broke out on Twitter. So one professional team accused the other of intentionally changing their landing site and disturbing them. That’s what the fight is about: the Fortnite tournament in Katowice has already caused problems with a bug, but now it’s back in the spotlight.

The professional player “ZexRow” accuses his opponents of Team OP Gaming Griefing. So they should have deliberately chosen the same landing site as ZexRow and his teammate, so they interfere with this target. This tweeted at least ZexRow.

On Twitter broke then a dispute between the two teams and numerous spectators could follow the quarrels. That was the problem of ZexRowThat’s how the tournament started: ZexRow and his teammate “Vinny1x” led the ranking on the first day of the duo tournament.

On that day, they always landed in Viking Village and could loot everything there alone. So they could gather good resources for the round start. That was the problem: on the second day of the duo tournament, things were not going so well for the two pros as they suddenly came to visit Viking Village. The Korean duo of Team OP landed then also in the same place.

For ZexRow this was a clear sign

The Koreans want to disturb them specifically and prevent the victory of the duo. That’s how it went in the game: in fact, the American duo was so disturbed by the presence of the Koreans that they lost numerous rounds. Finally, they did not succeed in winning the duo competition. Therefore, this is a problem: Professionals train for weeks in advance their landing sites.

That’s what ZexRow and Vinny1x, as well as the Koreans, should have done. It is all the more surprising when a team in the middle of the competition change the landing field. After all, this course should not have been her favorite in training, otherwise, she would have landed there before.

Professionals discussed on TwitterThe discussion of the professional team was then held on Twitter. Meanwhile, the tweets have been deleted, but hundreds of users were able to follow the argument.ZexRow wrote: The American took up the topic there and accused the Koreans Griefing. So you’re after ZexRow and his teammate.

The Koreans answered: “Aimhero_o” from the Korean team answered: “We had not played good laps on the first day, so I watched the video from the previous day. There ZexRow and his colleague had free rein. That inspired me. “He also writes in another tweet that he only landed there to win.

He would not have had any other thoughts.ZexRow rows back: After some time had passed, also ZexRow spoke again. He rowed back in his statement and now understood the motivations of the Koreans. He also deleted his tweets.

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