World’s Largest WoW Streamer Finds Own Streams Stupid, Stop First News


World’s Largest WoW Streamer Finds Own Streams Stupid, Stop First News

World of Warcraft is losing its biggest streamer on Twitch for now. Asmongold needs a break and stops. And that, even though he had announced that exactly that will not happen.

Why does Asmongold stop? Asmongold is no longer satisfied with his own content. The world-famous streamer has told his fans in a video on Twitter.

He literally said that his last streams were “dog shit”. But he does not want to deliver “dog shit”:

I do not really know what I want to do. But the one thing I know I do not want to do is sit around, be miserable and produce crappy content that everyone hates. Why should I do that?

Asmongold seems close to tears in the video. It looks like he finds it difficult to pronounce these things and tell his fans.

This is how his fans react: Asmongold receives a lot of support on Twitter. His fans are trying to build him up and offer support. Many of his followers offer to do something with him to rebuild and find himself. Among them are other streamers.

On Reddit, where the clip was also posted, the criticism is already sharper. Asmongold is being attacked for complaining about having his job. He sat on so much money, would have become a millionaire by gambling. Many members of the community can not understand his frustration.

His content is also criticized. Asmongold agrees that his latest content, especially on WoW, is not that good. The general tenor, however, is that you wish him luck for your future and hope that it will get better again

Asmongold did not really want to stop

That was the situation so far: According to the statistics page SullyGnome, Asmongold is the largest WoW streamer in the world and last year was one of the largest streamers ever, with # 34 of the most popular streamer:

  • During his streams, he has created many wonderful moments that have sometimes even moved him to tears.
  • However, since the release of Battle for Azeroth, he often criticized WoW. Especially the loot system and RNG bothered him.
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Despite all the difficulties, he said that he always wanted to stream WoW, although he also wanted to give some other games a chance.

Where does the change come from? The announcement that he stops altogether came as a surprise. Asmongold did not feel like WoW at any time and suddenly stopped his stream. But then he actually said he wanted to continue.

Now Asmongold talks in his Twitter video about the fact that he changed himself some time ago:

Imagine being someone who has been playing video games all his life, taking care of it, and suddenly it means nothing to you anymore. That’s really weird.

There are also some voices saying that Asmongold just wants to start a new phase of life. Since he has often appeared with his girlfriend, who is also streaming, it seems that he wants to spend more time with her.

How does it go from here? Asmongold himself does not know yet how to proceed. He just said that his goal was to be able to deliver good content and stream well in an indefinite future.

I will come back, make content, stream and everything will be damn normal again. And Lord in heaven, I look to the heartier than you, I guarantee that.

Asmongold also addressed the upcoming WoW Classic, which he will probably only play when streaming. How long his break will be, but he could not say exactly. He’ll let you know if he knows.