A New Xbox One Without A Cd Slot? Will Probably Soon Be Possible & Preorder

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A New Xbox One Without A Cd Slot?

Will Probably Soon Be Possible & PreorderMicrosoft should bring in two months, A new Xbox on the market, which gets along completely without the ability to play physical games. Would that be something for you? Codename: Maverick.

Does that ring a bell? So a new console was dubbed by Microsoft, as it was still under development and top secret. Now we know: It will be called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. A pretty long name, but it expresses exactly what the console is now. Hardware that works without a CD and draws the games digitally. According to Windows Central, it will also be released in Europe and can be preordered as of April 2019. Your membership of Microsoft includes the following games this month.

The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be delivered worldwide in May 2019. Since the omission of the CD drive not only reduces the weight but also the cost, the new console should be well 100 euros cheaper than its predecessor. We are curious if this will indeed be the case. In addition, there could be a special Fortnite edition of the Xbox in the appropriate design for the fans. However, it is still unclear whether this is also a disc-less Xbox One S.

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