Anthem Can Crash Ps4, Sony Refunds Digital Purchases (Update)


Anthem Can Crash Ps4, Sony Refunds Digital Purchases(Update)

Bioware’s new IP ‘Anthem’ currently appears to be the new ‘Fallout 76’ after criticism of the game does not break. Meanwhile, Sony also grants credits on digital copies from the PlayStation Store.

Reports have come from various Reddit forum players who have contacted Sony to complain about game crashes, as well as fears that the game could somehow damage the PS4. According to their statements, the credit was approved within a few minutes and removed the game from the library.

However, these always case by case decisions and not a general claim to be able to return his digital copy. In the case, everyone has to negotiate with Sony. Bioware, meanwhile, is working on numerous improvements to the game, especially regarding new content. For example, a comprehensive roadmap has been presented for this March and beyond that will make Anthem more rewarding, at least from this point of view.

Update: EA has since commented on the crash issues and asks affected players to submit the bug reports immediately so they can better get to the bottom of the issue. Further help is also available in the official forums. Update: EA and Bioware continue to work on a solution to the problem. If you are affected, the workaround is to start PS4 in safe mode and rebuild the database once.

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