Anthem Just Has To Fix A Dozen Problems – Bioware Says The Next Patch


Anthem Just Has To Fix A Dozen Problems – Bioware Says The Next Patch

Anthem has been struggling with many problems since release. That’s why you want to release a new patch soon. In a stream Bioware now wants to imagine what the upcoming update should fix.

This is currently going on in Anthem: In addition to the blatant error that smears consoles and especially the PS4 , there were many bugs and glitches after the release of Anthem, with which the game has to fight despite Day 1 patch .

Developer Bioware has released some updates like the loot patch , but players still complain about several problems. Many players reported bugs and hope for direct answers from Bioware. Like u / Iunarx .

Fans demand statement from Bioware

What do the fans want? Iunarx writes in his post: “We know that you hear our whining and annoyance, but we need something reassuring. We just want you to provide us with smaller updates on the situation. “

The community knows that Bioware is working hard, but if it gets too quiet, it will cause nervousness.

So Bioware reacts to the worries: Some employees of Bioware like Jesse Anderson (Darokaz) have expressed themselves in the meantime. The Community Manager revealed when we can expect new, tangible information:

We are there, only hard at work. I’m putting together the patch notes for the next update, which includes some fixes for the bugs you’ve reported.

I’m also preparing a live stream for this Wednesday. The time is not set yet, but we are aiming for 3pm CT. on.

Jesse Anderson, Reddit

So, if everything goes according to plan, there will be a live stream on Wednesday, 10 pm German time, with new information about the upcoming patch.

What problems could be addressed with the patch? There is no info, but the list of possible fixes for errors that occur is likely to be long.

Currently, the community is annoyed about

  • Sound bugs that have been around since the VIP demo
  • Problems on missions where players are not teleported to their teammates, but get stuck behind a “smoke screen”
  • Missions that “hang up” and teleport players through the countdown back to one point
  • Enemies that just disappear
  • Players who lose the connection to the server during missions

and several other issues reported in Megathreads on Reddit since release.

In addition, players still complain about performance issues, quest bugs, glitches and graphics bugs.

It also appears from a Twitter post by lead producer Ben Irving that the patch will return to the inscriptions on the loot.

These are still partially flawed, 0% roll on gear is still in play, even with the special features of the Mastery components.

When can we expect the patch? According to Ben Irving, March 12 is the date for the new patch. More details will probably be available on March 6, as soon as the live stream is running. Bear in mind that even this date can change.

Is there also information about the crash problem in the stream? This is currently unknown. The only sure thing is that EA is investigating the problem.

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