Anthem: With This Endgame Build, The Ranger Becomes A War Machine


Anthem: With This Endgame Build, The Ranger Becomes A War Machine

The Ranger is in Anthem the Javelin with the most versatile combo possibilities. Here we show you a constellation of special weapons and abilities with which you can compete well in the endgame.

That’s why we recommend this build: With this compilation, you use the full potential of the ranger’s passive ability. The two detonator abilities allow you to perform powerful combo attacks and recharge your Ultima very quickly. Your weapon acts as a primer.


  • Grenade: Last Argument (Fragmented Grenade )
  • Launcher: Recurring Revenge (Steering Missile)
  • Strengthening system: collection room

That’s what the skills do:

  • Last Argument (Detonator): Improved fragmentation grenade. Meeting opponents adds 700% more charge to the Ultima Charge.
  • Recurring Revenge (Detonator): Improved Steering Missile. After a kill with this ability, it is immediately restored. May occur every 7.5 seconds.
  • Pool: Creates an Orange Sphere that increases weapon damage by 20% for you and your teammates.

Our combo guide will show you how primer and detonator abilities work.


  • Component 1: Tip of the spear
  • Component 2: Combined weapons
  • Component 3: Favor of the General
  • Component 4: Vanguard pin
  • Component 5: Elementary Operations
  • Component 6: Determination of the winner


These weapons are essential to the build: the assault rifle “Ralners Firestorm” and the precision rifle “Thunderbolt of Yvenia”.

Ralners firestorm

Why is this weapon essential? Ralner’s Firestorm sets fire to enemies after a short hit series. This will allow you to prime your opponents without having to use your abilities. This weapon will be your main tool in combat, allowing you to trigger combo attacks by hand.

Thunderclap of Yvenia

Why is this weapon essential? Thunderclap of Yvenia produces an electrical lightning strike on every third of the magazine. The electric damage of this weapon can quickly overwhelm enemies with a shield. While the fire damage of Ralner’s Firestorm destroys armored enemies, Thunderclap of Yvenia takes care of those enemies who have an annoying shield system.

This is how this build is played

Why is this build good in the endgame? To exploit the ranger’s full potential, you should equip a detonator in both ability slots. You can use your melee attack, your weapon (Ralners Firestorm) and your team members to prime your opponents.

With this setup, you should be able to do a lot of damage from combos even in the Grandmaster difficulty levels, as the ranger inflicts considerable bonus damage on detonated targets. But make sure that your current power level determines how much damage you are causing – not the individual abilities themselves.

This is the procedure: Your task is to detonate as many combos as possible. That’s why this build is even better if you play in a full team. Ideally, one of your comrades is a specialized primer.

First, you must shoot your opponents with Ralners Firestorm to trigger the fire status effect. It’s a good idea to prime several enemies with the assault rifle before using your detonator ability. If enough enemies are on fire, you can blow them up and deal massive damage after the splinter grenade. The point here is the added effect of the Master Splinter Grenade “Last Argument”.

The additional effect of the Last Argument: When you hit enemies with this grenade, you get seven times the amount of Ultima charge than usual. Successful combos with the fragmentation grenade can thus fill up almost half of your Ultima bar.

This will allow you to fully recharge your Ultima ability with two to three well-placed shells and use them extremely often.

With the Ultima “Multi-Target Rocket Storm”, the Ranger makes a salvo micro-missile rain down on its targets

Ralner’s Firestorm, however, is not the only way to independently perform combo attacks. The melee ability of the Rangers – “shock piston” is also considered a primer. So you can also play offensive and first coat your opponents with the piston and then give you the rest with the steering rocket, while you push with your thrusters to safety.

If you do it all right, you’ll detonate an explosive combo and even get your guided rocket back thanks to the added effect of “Recurring Revenge.” This allows you to execute this sequence a second time immediately afterward.

Bug Note: The bonus effect of the Master Version of the Steering Missile – Recurring Revenge is partially banned. Often you will not be rewarded with a recharge even though you have successfully launched a combo and defeated your opponent with the guided missile. That’s because the effect currently only triggers when you land a kill yourself with the guided missile, without detonating a combo attack.

The ranger’s shock piston is the only melee capability that is a primer

Basically, you should be able to adapt to many situations with this equipment. Your weapons play a central role. Because Fire effects deal 25% more damage to armor and Electro effects do 50% more damage to shield systems, these weapons give you an answer for each enemy. With this build, you should get used to switching your weapons often.

Anthem: This is how the status effects fire, ice, electro and acid work

Here is a tip: The Fortification Collective will recharge your weapons as soon as you place them. It is therefore advisable to empty both magazines before you use this ability. This trick can be very helpful in DPS phases against bosses.

These are the effects of the components:

  • Tip of the Spear (1): Increases the combo damage by 50%. A successful Combo Attack restores 40% armor for you and allies nearby.
  • Combined Weapons (2): Increases Grenade Damage by 5%. A kill with the launcher increases the damage of the grenade by 60% for 5 seconds.
  • Favor of the General (3): Accelerates the charging rate of the launcher by 35%. Melee kills increase grenade damage by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Vanguard Lapel Pin (4): Increases melee damage and electro-effects by 30% each. Melee kills restore 35% shields.
  • Elemental Operations (5): Increases Fire Damage, Maximum Heat Capacity and Fire Resistance by 20% each. Also increases elemental effects by 20%.
  • Determination of the Winner (6): Increases the blast damage by 50% and reduces impact damage by -20%. A small multikill (3) recovers 25% of the armor.

This is what the components in the build do

These are exclusively masterful components. To keep up with the endgame since you rely on the shield and armor bonuses that passively give you the components.

Here is a list of all Mastery and Legendary Items, including all components for each Javelin.

Dynamic yellow and black, that’s the ranger’s original finish

This is what the components do while playing:

Tip of the spear (1) increases your combo damage by a whopping 50%. Combined with the ranger’s passive ability, your combo attacks become very powerful, dealing devastating damage to specific targets. The added effect is extremely important because it dramatically increases your chances of survival.

Since you should do as many combo attacks as you can anyway, this component will restore you to 40% armor each time. This allows you to play much more offensively and to go more into melee combat.

Combined Weapons (2) and General’s Favor (3) make your two abilities significantly more effective. Both additional effects (indirectly) support your grenade and make it much stronger. You should remember to always fire the Steering Missile or land a Melee Kill first before throwing your grenade. By killing with these abilities, your grenade gets an important damage bonus.

If you are fast enough, you can first defeat one opponent with the Shock Piston and then another enemy with the Steering Missile, this will give you both effects for a short time and your Grenades will do 110% more damage.

The Vanguard pin (4) makes your melee attack much more effective. The Shock Flask benefits from the extra melee damage as well as the extra electric damage. In addition, melee kills restore 35% of your shield system.

The Shock Piston is not only responsible for priming opponents, but also offers you (through the two components) various benefits in a successful melee kill.

Furthermore, Thunder Strike of Yvenia also benefits from this component. The electric lightning will be even stronger and allows you to defeat enemies even faster with a shield system.

By elemental operations (5) the assault rifle Ralners firestorm becomes significantly more effective. The increased Fire damage and the improved Elemental effect make the additional effect of the weapon more effective and thus facilitate the priming. In addition you get a few passive protection bonuses that can protect you from overheating.

The Ranger: A fighting machine that should not be underestimated

With Determination of the Winner (6) , you will make your grenade and your Ultima 50% stronger than normal. Although this will reduce the impact damage of your guided missile, but since this build specializes in Ultima charges, this should not be a big deficit.

Your weapons are also slightly weakened by the negative impact damage. The missing 5% to 10% damage is compensated by the two elementary components (4) and (5) .

In addition, with the added effect of this component, you will regularly restore some of your armor, which promises a good edge in the endgame and rewards diligent killing.

Inscriptions: You should pay attention to this

Inscriptions are equipment features that give your Javelin or your item decisive advantages. You can find them below each item with a Rarity level of Ordinary or higher.

Which inscriptions are there and what they effect we have summarized here for you.

These universal inscriptions are suitable for this build:

  • +% Damage – Increases the total damage output
  • Armor +% Maximum – Increases your maximum armor value
  • Combo +% Damage – Increases the combo damage caused
  • Weapon +% damage – Increases the damage of all weapons
  • Weapon +% Magazine – Increases the clip size of all weapons
  • [Skill] +% Damage – Increases the damage of a specific ability
  • [Skill] +% Cooldown – Reduces the cooldown of a specific ability

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