Ark: Survival Evolved – Free Homestead Update Available

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved – Free Homestead Update Available

Wildcard Studios has released the free Homestead update for ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’, which includes a variety of enhancements, including improvements to existing structures, new customizable building sections, and updating the Kibble system to simplify the taming of creatures,

ARK players have always loved creating amazing structures with the expansive open world, showing their creativity and imagination in impressive results. With Homestead, the customization potential has now been expanded with new options for existing structures and their placement options, as well as a host of additional elements that can be used in every way.

Existing buildings were preserved while all new Snap Points, alternative versions of structural elements and completely new structural elements were added. Triangle floors, half walls, angled sections and much more now give survivors the ability to create stairs, ramps, triangular buildings, reworked pipes and cables, and much more. These new tools make every building look as unique as its master builder.

Simplified Kibble system

Homestead also promises a simplified kibble system for all ARK content. Each creature now falls into one of six categories, and this creature’s egg can be used to tame any creature within that category. Instead of more than 50 different kibbles, all of which require a specific egg, it has been reduced to: Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exception, and Extraordinary Kibbles.

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