Control – Release Limited To Summer 2019


Control – Release Limited To Summer 2019

So far, 505 Games and Remedy are roughly announcing the release date of their new IP ‘Control’ for 2019. As part of a cover story, the developer is now a bit clearer.

Accordingly, the action adventure appears in the summer of 2019, as can be read in the April issue of the American GameInformer. If one now assumes that the publisher’s usual release weeks are out in the summer, it should not appear before the end of June, in July or at the latest in August, since the E3 would have been in the way. A very unfavorable date for such a big title.

About Control

Control plays in a unique and ever-changing world where our familiar reality and the strange and inexplicable face each other. Following the invasion of a secret agency in New York by an extra-secular threat, players take on the role of Jesse Faden (Cortney Hope), the new director who is trying to regain control. Built on the in-house Northlight engine, this game-driven, sandboxed experience is all about mastering a combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable equipment, and reactive environments as you battle your way through the deep and mysterious worlds for which Remedy is known and loved.

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