Destiny 2: These Are The 5 New Exotics In The Vagabond Season

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: These Are The 5 New Exotics In The Vagabond Season

The Vagabond season started in Destiny 2 . Which exotic items are waiting for you, we have put together here for you. All Exotics of the Season 6.

What new items are there? The new Vagabond season, which started on March 5 , brings a total of five new exotic items to Destiny 2. Players can look forward to three new gloves for the various classes and the first linear fusion rifle worn in the Kinetic slot.

In addition, players can plunge into a new exotic quest series from 12th March to get the thorn.

What else is waiting for you in the new season, we have here for you

These exotic items can be found in the Vagabond season

How exactly you get to the new items, is not yet clear. It was only confirmed that the thorn is tied to a quest line. However, players already state that they received the gloves through random exo-drops.

Hand-held – Titanium gloves

Hand-held are the new Titan gloves that players can find in the current season.

This is the exotic perk: The intrinsic perk of the gloves is called Clenched Fist. Blocking with swords increases the mobility speed and does not consume ammunition. Shots that are blocked immediately after fending off heal you.

Handshake of the Liar – Gloves Hunter

Hunters can now receive the gloves handshake of the liar. The gloves are mainly aimed at Arkus hunters.

This is the exotic perk: The intrinsic perk is called counter strike. If you use your Arcus melee ability or are hit by a melee attack, you can use a powerful melee counter-strike to heal you.

Refugee Artist – Gloves Warlock

The Arkus Warlocks get donated with escape artists new gloves.

This is the exotic perk: your intrinsic perk is called a dynamic duo and allows the wearer to hold down the grenade key to turn his arc grenade into an overloaded ark soul. The Arkus soul acts as an autonomous gun.

Arbalest – Linear fusion rifle

With Arbalest gets Destiny 2 his first linear fusion rifle, which is worn in the kinetic slot.

This is the exotic perk: its intrinsic perk is called binding power and fires bullets that cause massive damage to enemies’ elemental shields. In addition, the Perk Disturbance ensures that enemies whose shield has been destroyed by the Arbalest are susceptible to kinetic damage for a short time.

Thorn – handgun

The Spike finds its way into Destiny 2. The weapon is tied to an exotic quest line that Guardians can tackle starting March 12th.

This is the exotic perk: your intrinsic perk is a sign of damnation. Projectiles penetrate targets and cause damage over time. Kills with the thorn leave leftover. The Perk Soul Devourer, while absorbing the remnants, ensures the sign of damnation is strengthened and the magazine is partially reloaded.

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