Destiny 2: Trailer Shows The 4 Armor You Use In Gambit Prime

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Trailer Shows The 4 Armor You Use In Gambit Prime

Season 6 of Destiny 2 also features a new Gambit mode. What awaits you at Gambit Prime, now shows a new trailer.

What is Gambit Prime? Gambit Prime is a further development of the Gambit mode , which came with the extension Forsaken to Destiny 2. In Prime, only an intense round is played and the primal timer is much stronger. In addition, players will choose one of four reels defined by certain perks and armor.

What does the trailer show? The Gambit Prime trailer shows the new armor in action and explains which roles are filled in with it:

The Thresher is responsible for removing large enemy accumulations and powerful enemies. His perks are:

  • Weaknesses of powerful enemies
  • Multikills generate special ammunition
  • Particles last longer
  • Shutting down powerful enemies increases grenade regeneration

The collector is The Keeper for collecting particles and sending the blockers. His perks are:

  • At his death, he drops his particles
  • He receives it by particle an overshield
  • Generates ammunition when it releases particles
  • Can send a gigantic blocker with 20 particles.

The Guardian protects his own bank and eliminates intruders. His perks are:

  • Multikills increase the damage against the possessed
  • The own bank regenerates life
  • Invaders are marked for their own team
  • Team members in the “Well of Light” are strengthened. What it is, is not yet known.

The intruder chases the enemies in the opposing arena and steals their particles.

  • He generates ammunition when he enters the enemy arena
  • He has a stronger overshield during the invasion
  • He gets bonus damage when he turns off enemy Guardians
  • It can prevent particles from being collected while in the enemy arena. In addition, he withdraws already collected particles during the invasion.

When is Gambit Prime coming? The new mode is available with Season 6 on March 5th. However only for owners of Forsaken and the Destiny-2-Jahrespass .

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