Destiny 2: Update 1.33 Is Live – Patch Notes For Season 6

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Destiny 2: Update 1.33 Is Live – Patch Notes For Season 6

Season 6 starts today at Destiny 2. Everything you need to know about the start can be found here: Server down, Time, Update 1.33 / 2.2.0.When is the start of season 6? The sixth season, called “Vagabond Season”, starts today, March 5, 2019. Maintenance will begin in the late afternoon. Once the servers are back online and you have an update installed, Season 6 can start.

Times of maintenance work:

At 17 o’clock the maintenance work begins. you can still play Destiny 2 At this time, but the features of the companion app are limited. At 5:45 pm , Destiny 2 will be taken offline.

The servers go down:

Who is in the game at this time is removed from the activity and returned to the title screen. Update 17:45 clock: You get chicken error codes, if you want to log in.At 6 pm , the servers are online again. In addition, the update 2.2.0 is now released – on PS4, Xbox One and PC and in all regions. At 19 o’clock the maintenance is completed. But you can start into Season 6 as soon as you have downloaded and installed the update.

  • The features of the Companion App return full at 7pm.
  • Update: 18:05 – The patch is live, He has the version number 1.33.
  • He is about 4.6 GB on the Xbox One and 4.3 GB on the PS4 big.
  • He was late for the PS4, What changes with Update 2.2.0?
  • Patch notes Destiny 2 gets fresh content with Season 6, all sorts of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

The content highlights of Season 6:Gambit Prime – a new, intense mode for GambitBilling – a new, fast-paced PvE activity events and quests, including the Exotic Quest to the thornXur brings invitations from the Nine , through which you can learn more about the Nine and earn mighty rewardsPower level rise to 700, new awesome Vanguard, PvP, and Gambit weapons and all sorts of collectibles.

An overview with all new content of Season 6

Can be found here. A selection of improvements and revisions:Xur will be able to bring Forsaken Exotics from Season 6 onwardsYear-2 Armor is being updated. The respective armor types (Heavy Armor, Restorative Armor, and Mobile Armor) get Random Rolls. Exotics like the one-eyed mask are being reworkedLegendary grenade launchers and rocket launchers get stronger.

They should be worthwhile alternatives to the powerful Exotics in the power slotLinear fusion rifles and shotguns will be adjusted. The former are too dominant in Gambit, the latter are too strong with the fully automatic Perk. Daily clan forays have been removed. Weekly Clan Raids are now called Hawthorne’s Raids and are categorized into PvE, PvP, and Raid. Clan XP in Season 6 is earned primarily by playing activities.

The Vagabond has moved to the tower extension

There is now a landing zone for all players. Billing is associated with the Rover and Gambit. The complete patch notes: The patch notes have now been published in German. They are 16 pages long, which is why we do not fully embed them. The patch notes in German can be found on the Bungie page.

Preview of some bug fixes in German: “Intact” triumph:

The “intact” triumph will not be unlocked.”Forged in the Fire” -Triumph: The “Forged in the Fire” triumph will not be unlocked.

Mastersmith Triumph: The Mastersmith triumph will not be updated with the completion of Rare Forms of Research.”Computed Trajectory” triumph: The “Computed Trajectory” triumph and the medal are not triggered in the Iron Banner.

“The Eternal Return” badge:

  • “The Eternal Return” badge is not updated by any victory over Dûl Incaru in the Dreaming City.

“Pro Recruiter” badge:

  • The “Pro Recruiter” badge is not updated with completed friend referrals. A devotee of the Black Armory Commemorative Train:
  • The Black Armory devotee does not make any progress using non-weapon-type “Black Armory” weapons.

Black Armory Key Cast:

  • Players can get Ada-1’s Black Armory Key Cast only for their first character. More information can be found here.

“Dreaming City” Chests:

  • “Dreaming City” chests do not count for the task of the Black Armory Key Cast.

Obsidian Accelerator:

  • Obsidian Accelerator consumables will not go to the post office when the player inventory is full.

“It blows a cold wind”:

The badge “It blows a cold wind” cannot be recovered from the collection. If it was stowed away.

Relic Rumble:

The Relic Rumble Triumph cannot be achieved at this time.

 In Update 2.2.0,

This triumph is unlocked when players complete Dawn Strike. “The Corrupted” by defeating Sedia and using no more than two relics.

Character Boost Completion Awards:

Characters to which the Level 30 Boost is applied will not receive their Class Sword or Badge. If they have not already completed the Red Battle Campaign. D2 Base Game Crucible Rewards: Players who only own the Destiny 2 base game can earn rewards from Lord Shaxx’s Rank Up Pack. Which drops to 2 power levels and can not be equipped.

Collection Counters:

  • The Collection Badge Counter incorrectly counts 10 badges 11Increased GUITAR Errors.
  • There are increasing GUITAR error codes in the last Encounter of the Last Wish raid.
  • Increased BUFFALO errors: Players see more BUFFALO errors on the PC.
  • Player Search for the Blind Source: The Blind Source in the Dreaming City has no consistent player search.

Masterpiece Inspection:

  • Equipment is sometimes not displayed as a masterpiece when other players watch it.

Repeated Triumph Popups: If you transfer equipment with the API, you will receive repeated Triumph notifications.Crucible Damage: Healing abilities in Crucible activities subtract from the general damage score displayed in the replay stats.Hawthorne EP: Clan EP forays sometimes fail in Hawthornes Weekly Challenge.Empty Navigator: The Navigator can sometimes appear blank for players playing Destiny 2 in Korean.

Antaeus Protective Gear Chutes:

Antaeus Protective Gear does not consistently improve chutes. Izanagi’s Burden: Izanagi’s Burden rifle scope is sometimes obscured by visual effects. When raiding in Gambit or standing in the Well of Luster and sighting through the riflescope.

  • “Le Monarque” damage over time: Le Monarque causes poison damage only inconsistently if you shoot at long distances.
  • Le Monarque in the Exotic Collection: Le Monarque appears in the Kinetic weapons collection instead of the Energy Weapons collection.
  • “Long Shadow” Telescope: The relevant riflescopes in Long Shadow do not mark enemies.

The Summit: The Summit Can not Use the Quick Access Belt Mod.Star Card Chestfinder. The Star Card Shard finds no chests in the Dreaming City. Stryker’s Reliability: Some perks aren’t activated on Stryker’s reliability. If it’s a complete masterpiece.

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