Gaming Monitor Is Hit At Shootout And Still Works

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor Is Hit At Shootout And Still Works

The house of gamers in the US was pierced in a shootout. Even the thick gaming monitor got something off. But it still works!

The player Eric Gan from Fresno County (California, USA) was woken up by loud banging sounds at 4 am local time last Sunday. After he lay in bed panicking for an hour and did not dare to move, he finally fell asleep again and decided to look alone in the morning.

House and monitor perforated

What did the player find in the morning? The next morning, Gan was amazed when he found the south wall of his home riddled with five bullet holes. What exactly happened, Gan could not figure out. He assumes that a few kids in the neighborhood would probably have celebrated too wildly.

This is what the Bulletproof Monitor is all about. The craziest thing about it was not that Gan’s place of residence is a normal place to bum at night. Rather, a deformed cartridge was on his desk behind the monitor!

Gan thought first that the bullet had completely missed his thick MSI monitor, but in truth the bullet hit the back of the monitor clearly and had been stopped by him. There was only a small dent at the bullet point.

Gan assumes that the wall had already properly reduced the energy of the projectile. But that the monitor had completely stopped the ball, he found quite impressive. So he posted a picture of the monitor.

The manufacturer of the screen responded: The company behind the monitor was pleased indeed to have the free PR in the form of “You build bulletproof monitors” and promised Eric Gan a brand new screen to replace, although the old Screen yes still worked.

This is how other gamers react: In the comments of the source Kotaku the message was taken with a smile. In addition to public security contributions in the US, some gamers now expect bullet proof monitors to cover Free2Play shooters who are holding bullets and cheerfully promoting the cash store.

Others demand monitors as body armor in shooters.

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