In The Meantime, The Latest Mobile MMORPGs Are Looking So Good


In The Meantime, The Latest Mobile MMORPGs Are Looking So Good

Korean developer Moai Games is working on a new mobile MMORPG and Traha is graphically a bomb. But other upcoming MMORPG titles on smartphones with iOS and Android are also impressive.

What is Traha? Traha is the next action-packed flagship MMORPG for mobile platforms from major Korean publisher Nexon.

In the world of Traha, war is raging between two hostile kingdoms, Vulcan and Naiad, who each worship the gods of fire and water. The players correspond to one of the two factions who swear allegiance and draw under their banner in the fight.

In addition to battles, Traha will also include classic MMORPG elements, such as resource collection and crafting. You will also be able to explore the beautiful areas on the screenshots.

You can watch the trailer for Traha here:

What is currently going on in the mobile market? The trend of mobile MMORPGs continues in Asia. Nexon is not the only Asian publisher looking for smartphones in the future. Also, publishers like Kakao Games or NCSoft are there.

Sequels of the well-known MMORPGs such as Tera, Blade and Soul and Aion are therefore no longer published on the PC, but on mobile platforms.

Graphically, they are in no way inferior to their PC ancestors, as you can see in the gameplay trailers for Aion 2 and Blade and Soul 2, for example:

Will great graphics be enough for the West? Although the upcoming mobile MMORPGs look good and smartphone titles are extremely popular in China and Korea, Western players are at least skeptical about this development.

In our survey on the topic has shown in the comments a strong dislike of mobile games. Few of our readers were ready to give mobile MMORPGs a chance, as long as the concept and packaging are right.

However, our author Jürgen is convinced that the new folding phones will make mobile gaming even more popular in the West.

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