In Wow Patch 8.1.5, You’ll Soon Be Wearing Darkly-seized Fishing Helmets

World Of Warcraft

In Wow Patch 8.1.5, You’ll Soon Be Wearing Darkly-seized Fishing Helmets

World of Warcraft PTR has new headwear on the Darkmoon Market.

These helmets are temporary items and may contain a dark secret. These helmets are all about: If you are fishing for the Darkmoon Market. You can get separated fish heads on the current PTR version of WoW. Which is currently testing the upcoming patch 8.1.5.

These are available in two variants: the pink severed purple scales head the blue severed Azure headsBoth items are usable and only last for one day before they are automatically destroyed. You can have a maximum of five of them at a time. And when you’re using, you’ll suddenly have a giant fish head on your shoulders.

The effect then lasts for an hour. What’s the secret?

The fish heads are more than just a hilarious look for your character. The description of both items is: Something strange is happening in the waters around Darkmoon Island …The hint sounds as if a large creature is roaming the seas around the island, eating oversized fish and apparently cutting their bodies off with a bite left over.

References to the Old God N’zothWowhead’s colleagues spin these theories even further. They connect the severed fish heads with the Warbringer video of N’zoth and Queen Azshara. This shows how a fish speaks to Azshara before it is devoured by the ocean. Anyway, N’zoth has a strong connection to the sea and marine creatures and in patch 8.1.5 players will probably even serve N’zoth directly.

The Old God will apparently play a pivotal role in the further history of Battle for Azeroth and even makes strange loot. According to some theories, the entire Darkmoon Market has a connection to the ancient gods and especially N’zoth. Among other things, the logo of the yellow eye, the location, and the generally gloomy figures speak there.

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There seem to be more and more secrets surrounding Patch 8.1.5 and the future of Battle for Azeroth. We can look forward to what awaits us.

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