Neverwinter: Players Are Scared, Next Expansion Kills The MMORPG


Neverwinter: Players Are Scared, Next Expansion Kills The MMORPG

With the coming module 16 “Undermountain” not only a new campaign with a gigantic dungeon comes into the MMORPG Neverwinter . The developers make so big changes to the whole game that it’s almost a new title. Therefore, there are fears that this update will destroy the Neverwinter, which many knew so far.

Is Neverwinter 2.0 coming?

What changes does “Undermountain” bring with it? Basically, almost everything is changed in the game with the new expansion . This includes:

  • The classes are being redesigned to provide a new balance.
  • Many character values are removed or replaced. There is no longer any armor class, but countervalues.
  • Loss of life and recovery are removed so that the focus is more on healing.
  • The system of item levels will be adjusted and scaling introduced.
  • Blessing is changed and is now divided into levels.

There are many changes that make Neverwinter almost a new game. Hardly anything stays the same.

Neverwinter’s extension “Undermountain” brings many changes into play.

Why are these changes happening? The Cryptic Studios would like to keep up with the times and adapt their MMORPG so that newcomers are not overwhelmed. There are many simplifications, as the previous rule system was somewhat complex. Neverwinter should play faster after the adjustments and also casual players should come in well.

What do the players mean? The community is currently very divided about the changes. There are many who believe that these changes “destroy” Neverwinter and also take a lot of the MMORPG D & D policy. In addition, some fear that Neverwinter will be oversimplified.

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Wlurk502 writes about Reddit: “This is no longer an MMORPG for idiots, but an MMORPG for brain dead.”

Others, however, have been testing the changes in an early form on the preview server since March 1, saying that although Neverwinter now plays differently and you have to get used to it, it’s not as bad as you’d feared.

There is a lot of criticism

What are the main criticisms? There are a few things that are particularly annoying among MMORPG’s “hardcore” fans:

  • Character development is not as complex as it used to be, as everyone can use the same abilities, bonuses, enchantments, and runestones.
  • The new feats make no sense for some classes and the choice is very limited.
  • Crafting has been fueled as occupations no longer play such a big role. It hardly makes sense to produce masterful items.
  • Healers are now essential because deprivation of life and recreation are abolished. This makes the solo game more difficult and the healer class is not so sophisticated that it is fun to play them. 

That’s why the situation is so complicated: There are so many changes to Neverwinter that have yet to be tested to really determine how the MMORPG will play later. The effects are not yet in sight. In addition, the tests and the criticism could lead to adjustments being made.

Even after the release of Undermountain in the spring, there may be some optimizations. Nevertheless, it is understandable that such extensive changes to an MMORPG scare the players.

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