New MMORPG A: Ir Shows Trailer, But Players Call It Bless 2.0


New MMORPG A: Ir Shows Trailer, But Players Call It Bless 2.0

For the new Korean MMORPG Ascend: Infinite Realm (A: IR), a new gameplay trailer has been released. In it you see the wild air fights in action.

What is A: IR? Ascent: Infinite Realm (A: IR) is a Korean theme park MMORPG. The setting is a colorful steampunk world where airships and ‘Mechs sail across the sky. The game focuses on gripping battles with action-fighting system.

What can be seen in the trailer? Above all, the trailer shows the colorful action that awaits you in the game. There you can see the ‘Mechs shooting with big guns. Also, very much her, how the fights are taking place in the air.

You stand on flying ships and probably uses several levels for the fight. In addition, you can sail through the air even with wings, which reminds of games like Aion or Revelation Online.

That’s why A: IR is compared to Bless: the potential target group on reddit, however, is not particularly fond of the game and compares it already with the failed MMORPG Bless . So were already words like “Bless 2.0” or “F: AIL” loud.

This is according to the comments on Reddit on the following aspects:

  • The game is unfinished in the trailer, as it has stuttering and framerate burglaries. In addition, the old Unreal-3 engine will be used, which already existed at Bless.
  • Many commentators also fear that A: IR will become a typical Asian Pay2Win game, which is just out to make a lot of money via cash-shop. Again, negative comparisons to Bless and Black Desert Online are loud. After all, the publisher is cocoa games, which put great emphasis on the Cash Shop at Black Desert and were repeatedly accused of Pay2Win allegations.
  • Some also fear that the developers are just looking for quick money and deliberately withholding large portions of the content. These are then gradually released to further boost the cash shop. You are not interested in a game that works for a long time. This would have been synonymous with Bless already been planned.

People like that: A: IR good: But positive voices suggest that the developers of Bluehole have already gotten good games. These include the successful Battle Royale game PUBG or the popular MMORPG TERA.

Therefore, A: IR should experience more love and care than Bless and other unpopular Asia MMOs. In addition, the game is oriented according to the developers on the Western market, which should speak against excessive Pay2Win.

Still other Reddit users urge the angry commentators to please wait until the game appears. Because based on a trailer you could hardly make a final verdict.

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