Players Are Currently On The Trail Of A Secret End In Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Players Are Currently On The Trail Of A Secret End In Fallout 76

The story of Fallout 76 has an open endingSome players are now on the trail of this end and suspect that they can play through Fallout 76 somehow.

They even have a plan. This is how the end should look like: For sure the players are not sure what exactly they will expect. However, they expect their plan to be able to drive the dangerous Brand Beasts completely out of Appalachia. The impetus for the action is a post on Reddit . After playing around with targets other than the popular Rift Prime or the Whitespring Resort for his atomic bombs, he noticed that other cracks are closed when hit. The players now suspect that they can close all cracks.

If they then bomb the Rift Prime and kill the Brand Beast Queen

The current final boss of Fallout 76, they think something special will happen. How do the players want to do that? The fans meticulously plan the “Operation Tourniquet”, in English “Druckverband” or “Aderklemme.” They intend to divide into three groups. The individual groups then take care of activating one of the silos for nuclear missiles and closing the cracks one after the other . Apart from the Prime Rift, there are eight other known cracks.

Once all the cracks are closed, they then want to attack the Rift Prime and defeat the Brand Beast Queen . The response is great and even if the operation is likely to take quite a while, there are many interested helpers. What is the background? That’s what Fallout 76 is all about :The creator of the post explains why he even came up with the idea. Fallout 76 tells a story without living NPCs , as all humans in the area except the Vault residents are already dead.

The story of the main quest goes through all factions of the game and ends with players joining the secret enclave. Before that, however, they learn something about a failed Brotherhood mission. The Brotherhood has tried to wipe out the dangerous and annoying Burnbeasts. From the records of the Brotherhood, it is not enough to just kill the queen. There would always be a new one.

That’s why Paladin Taggerdy sees nuclear weapons as the ultima ratio

But the Brotherhood did not come to that. The players now want to take over these tasks. What happens next? What happens after the story is still uncertain. But it’s quite possible that what the players are doing could be the plan of the game. Because there are already big plans for Fallout 76 in 2019 .

One of the upcoming features is the game mode “Nuclear Winter”. Winter is a winter that is caused by the fact that particles spun up by nuclear weapons permanently pollute the atmosphere and thus obscure the sun. What the players are up to is exactly the right start. This is also suspected by the fans. In addition, more story quests are planned for fall 2019. What awaits us remains to be seen.

What do you think, could that be the solution? The idea came about because the endgame of Fallout 76 somehow seemed to have no end.

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