Pokémon Go: Ditto List – Use These Monsters To Catch Ditto

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Pokémon Go: Ditto List – Use These Monsters To Catch Ditto

Finding and catching Ditto is important for Pokémon coaches who are looking for Mew in Pokémon GO . We’ll show you which monsters it hides behind.

There are some monsters in Pokémon GO that do not want to be so easy to find. This includes the special Pokémon Ditto, which hides behind the appearance of other species.

Now capturing Ditto is special research in Pokémon GO. We’ll show you which Pokémon you should catch so you have the chance of Ditto.

Last update: March 2019 – Taubsi and Rattfratz are no longer in the list. Ledyba, Bluzuk and Paras are new.

Ditto catch – Where can I find Ditto?

The encounter with Ditto is unlike other monster encounters in Pokémon GO. While you can see which monster you will catch in Glumanda or Pantimos directly on the map or near-by, Ditto disguises himself as the other species.

You can not find Ditto in its pure form in the wild because it initially hides its identity. A trapped Taubsi or Zigzachs could turn into a ditto after catching. How high the chance of a Ditto is remains unknown. It takes a lot of luck.

At the moment there are the following species Ditto can transform into. Four of the 1st generation, four of the 2nd generation and two of the 3rd generation. In the following overview we show you which monsters are:

  • Gene 1
    • Bluzuk
    • Zubat
    • Paras
    • Menki
  • Gene 2
    • Hoothoot
    • Sentret
    • Yanma
    • Remoraid
    • Ledyba
  • Gene 3:
    • Flurmel
    • Gulpin

Why do you all suddenly want to find Ditto?

So far, coaches did not put a special focus on a Ditto catch. But that all changed with the special research in Pokémon GO .

If you complete these quests, you will be rewarded with special Pokémon. Because the coaches want to own this mystical Pokémon, they scroll one task at a time. And so one inevitably comes to task 5 with Mew, which Professor Willow asks you. To complete the task successfully, you should land 20 grand throws, catch 10 Spirit Pokémon, and catch a Ditto.

In addition to the Mew Quest, you also need a Ditto for the quest for Meltan . It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on this Pokémon.

That’s why the players are now all on Ditto search. What a meeting with Ditto can look like, you can see in the following video:

So be sure to catch the monsters shown in the graphic to increase the chance of a Ditto encounter. We wish you the best of luck.

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