Pokémon Go: So You Can Defeat Dialga Even In Pairs

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Pokémon Go: So You Can Defeat Dialga Even In Pairs

The new Raid boss Dialga is enthroned in the Pokémon GO arenas and some players show how to defeat the Pokémon in pairs.

It’s all about this raid boss: Many players have been waiting for it and now the legendary Pokémon is here: Dialga can now be found in level 5 raids!

The Dragon and Steel Pokémon is actually hard to defeat, but some players show it’s only for two. We’ll show you a selection of videos and tell you how you can do it.

So you can defeat Dialga in twos

How does this work? Dialga is especially susceptible to combat Pokémon. Your best choice here is Machomei. But even Pokémon like Hariyama or Kapilz are good against Dialga.

We have listed a larger list of the counterparts in our guide to Dialga .

This is the easiest way: To have the best chance of defeating a dialga in pairs, you have to have a 6-man team from Machomei. These should all be at the maximum level.

You have to keep that in mind: In order to force Dialga down to two, you have to have weather bonuses. So you can only complete the raid successfully in cloudy weather.

There’s another way: Machomei is the best choice, but you can also fight successfully with other Battle Pokémon and Weather Bonus. Two players have managed to beat the legendary boss with only one team from Lohgock.

Is it worth it? Of course it’s cool to beat such a strong Pokémon only with Lohgock. Nevertheless, one has to weigh whether it is worth investing so much stardust. After all, you need for it six Lohgock on the maximum level.

That’s how it works: Besides Machomei, you can also defeat the legendary Pokémon with Kapilz and Hariyama. So you can try it with a mixture of Pokémon.

Can I do that too? If you have enough stardust, or a strong fighting team, then you can try it. The Pokémon should be at the maximum level. You have to have at least level 38 for it.

This is behind the challenge: For every raid boss, the coaches set themselves the task of defeating the bosses with as few players as possible. So there were already:

  • Two coaches who have defeated Cresselia
  • Players who have only defeated Kyogre with Pikachu
  • Two players who defeated Palkia
  • Trainers who defeated Deoxys alone

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