Red Dead Online Finally Brings Weapon Players Need For Quest

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Finally Brings Weapon Players Need For Quest

A new update for Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, is on its way. The update finally brings the Evans repeater rifle.

Which weapon is coming? Rockstar finally brings the Evans repeater rifle to the online game with a new update for Red Dead Online. Players have been searching for this weapon in the past week, as quests demanded that kills be made with the rifle.

As it turns out, the developers have announced a major content drop, the content of which is now being added to RDO.

What’s the Evans Repeater Rifle? The rifle is a long-barreled rifle with high ammo capacity and firing rate that players are already familiar with from Red Dead Redemption. In the 2010 game, the Evans repeater rifle was part of John Marston’s arsenal.

The rifle can be adjusted with shafts, rifle scopes and leather protection. You can find it at the gunsmith or in the catalog of “Wheeler, Rawson & Co.”.

New Event Comes: In addition to the repeating rifle, the free roam event fool’s gold has also been added to Red Dead Online. In Fool’s Gold, you fight with other players to wear gold armor. You earn points by shutting down players while wearing the armor.

You will also receive points if you disable an enemy player in their armor. The armor is then dropped and the player who reaches it first will wear it.

Fool’s Gold is one of several events that take place regularly in RDO.

Players Receive Food Pack: Players will receive a free food pack this week for support during the Red Dead Online beta phase. The package contains some items, such as various ammunition, horse teas, and a sea lure, and can be picked up either in the warehouse or at a post office.

In addition, players who complete five daily challenges by March 11 will receive a special spinner next week.

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