That’s Why Every Shooter Fan Who Has Ps Plus Should Try This Free Game Now

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That’s Why Every Shooter Fan Who Has Ps Plus Should Try This Free Game

NowPS Plus is offering its subscribers a real shooter highlight for the PS4 in March, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Our author Sven says: Anyone interested in the shooter genre should not miss this piece of video game history.

So I came to shooters: I discovered my passion for shooters back in the 90s

Games like the Doom, Quake or Unreal Tournament series were my absolute favorites back then. Also, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and Counter-Strike were searched until they drop at private Lan parties in garages and cellars or at large-scale events until they drop. Modern Warfare – A milestone in video game history this game changed everything for me.

But in 2007, I discovered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, one of my biggest shooter loves ever – next to Destiny. One of the most famous scenes: You’re a sniper team near Chernobyl At that time, Modern Warfare set completely new standards and decisively shaped the first-person shooter genre. For many, the title is considered one of the most important milestones in shooter history to date. End of 2016, the game came out in a revised remastered version, which was initially not available separately.

So that’s why I got the expensive bundle with Infinite Warfare

Enjoy the entertaining multiplayer battles with friends. Experience this piece of shooter history in a modern guise: Meanwhile, the remastered version is also available separately. And from now on, since the 5th of March, all PS-Plus-members have the possibility to use the lavish version of this classic shooter for free.

Download to the game: Click here for the PS Plus offer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in the PS Store. All PS Plus Games for the PS4 in March 2019 can be found here. Why should I play Modern Warfare Remastered? What makes CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered special?

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Some may wonder what’s so special about the title. After all, Modern Warfare has already been around for a few years and has seen many successors. But Modern Warfare Remastered has not lost any of its unique charms over the years, and in many ways can compete with more modern shooters and newer series offshoots. And in some points, the game is still unreached for me.

The singleplayer: With Modern Warfare, the “Call of Duty”

Series got a modern setting for the first time and marked the beginning of the most exciting story in the entire CoD franchise for me. Even after more than 10 years, the campaign is even more entertaining than many recent shooter titles. As part of the plot, they slip into the role of a US Marines or a rookie in the British elite unit SAS.

Which is already thrown into the cold water shortly after his arrival. The story goes through a multitude of coolly staged missions with memorable moments. And Also memorable characters and a great atmosphere. After completing the Modern Warfare series, not a single “Call of Duty” song could match the quality of this storyline. On the other hand, the story of Modern Warfare still captivates me today, so that now and then I play through their missions for the hundredth time.

In the course of the action, a militant terrorist group in the Middle East is being fought there, as well as armed separatists in a destabilized Russia. Ultimately, they try to prevent a nuclear exchange between the major powers. A legendary character of the series and your mentor: Captain PriceThe focus is on operations as part of modern infantry warfare, which makes the game great.

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You feel like you’re in an action movie, where you’re excited to see how it goes on

Here, Modern Warfare uses in places also known action strips such as Black Hawk Down, which additionally contributes to immersion. The multiplayer: Another aspect In which, in my eyes, not a single successor or direct competitor Modern Warfare can reach the water, is the once revolutionary and groundbreaking multiplayer part of the game. There, as a fan of fast and intense firefights, you can really get your money’s worth without any frills. And in my opinion, this is hardly a game that compares well with today.

Weapons, perks and the iconic kill series are in the focus here, but never seem excessive and fit perfectly into the setting. Attachments for the weapons are manageable and limited. There are no specialists, classes or ultimate attacks. It depends on skill, team play and knowledge of the maps. Multiplayer battles on the popular map backlotIf you are into classic shooter gameplay without wall-runs, meter-high jumps or too much gear and skills, you will certainly be happy here.

Also, anyone who can no longer see Battle Royale or large-scale tactical battles will also have their fun. Because you are fighting in numerous classic modes on some of the best and prettiest cards the franchise has seen to date. The maps are largely asymmetrical compared to today’s maps but still very well thought out. Thereby they offer numerous tactical possibilities and constantly changing hotspots. So even as a lone wolf by the clever approach and positioning whole teams can take apart.

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Modern Warfare – Remastered

A welcome change for all those who are fed up with the perfect balance and results. Repeating card concepts of the last CoD title. Crash – one of the most popular MP cards including Black Hawk Down Feeling. That’s why you should look at Modern Warfare – Remastered.

Do you have any PS Plus and just a bit of the first-person shooter left? Or are you even a fan of the “Call of Duty” series? Then you should definitely watch Modern Warfare Remastered. Because for lau a milestone in shooter history in modern optics is worthwhile anyway. You will not only get the classic “Call of Duty” experience par excellence. But a shooter that can make even modern competitors look old in places.

Veterans can spend their nostalgia here and new players can see for themselves. Why Modern Warfare, despite its age, is still considered by many to be the best shooters of all time. For me, Modern Warfare Remastered embodies by far the best Call of Duty ever. By the way: You can find information about the latest. Call of Duty offshoot on our product page for Black Ops 4.

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